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Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Ask any Phoenician and they’ll tell you there are ways to survive the blazing hot summer, you just have to know-how. A cold beverage, a swimming pool, and the air conditioner are a good start. How do you keep your car cool while it sits in the sun and bakes while you’re working all day? Or how do you keep it cool on the drive home after a long day in the sun? Follow our tips on how to keep your car cool in the summer while you’re driving or while it’s parked:

Keep Cool While Driving

When you arrive at your car after work or school your eagerness to get home wanes knowing you’re about to enter a hot box. After all, a car’s interior temperature could be close to 125 degrees or more, much hotter than the actual outdoor temperature. Keep your cool before you begin driving and while driving with these helpful hints:

  1. Release the Heat – When you first start up your car, roll down all windows and your sun or moonroof (if applicable) to release the hot air. Next, turn on your AC at maximum power but turn off the circulation mode. Leaving the recirculating option on will only continue to move the hot air around your vehicle, which makes it take longer to cool. As the air cools to a comfortable temperature, roll up the windows, turn on the recirculate function, and adjust the temperature and level to your desired preference.
  2. Have Your Windows Tinted – This is a feature that is beneficial both while you drive and while the vehicle is parked. Window tinting prevents 99% of many of the harmful UV rays from entering your vehicle, protecting your skin and eyes from damage, and reducing eye strain from glare. Window tinting also cools the interior of your car up to 60% in the summer.
  3. Side Door Window Shades – Even with tinted windows the sunlight can still blind your eyes. Especially little ones in the backseat who are unable to shield their eyes. These lightweight shades are made to fit just about any window. They’re easy to install, remove, and travel well.
  4. Ventilated Car Seat Cushions – Using a special cooling technology either by gel, ventilation fans, or wood beads, these cushions are designed to keep your entire backside cool. Each designed differently, their purpose is the same–to keep you cool and provide comfort. Ventilated seat covers allow air to flow naturally, cooling seat covers with fans provide air circulation to flow throughout the seat, and wooden beads are a natural cover to keep your legs from being burned or sticking to leather seats.
  5. Keep Your Engine Cool – While it’s important that you stay nice and cool in the cabin area, your engine is working up a sweat under the hood. Preventing your vehicle from overheating is key. Be sure your engine has plenty of coolant in the reservoir before you begin your drive. You may consider keeping a small supply of coolant in your trunk or cargo area, just in case the level gets too low.

Sun reflector on the windshield of the carWhile you’re at work, school, or even headed to the movies or the grocery store, your car loyally sits outside waiting for you to retrieve it and head home. But while it sits there, it’s absorbing heat from the sun and even the pavement. When you return to your car, the interior can reach up to 130 degrees! Here’s what you can do to keep your car cool when it’s parked:

  1. Use Sun Shades – The foldable pop-up sun shades placed in your windshield and held by your visors, can lower interior temperatures by up to 40 degrees, help keep your air conditioner from working too hard, and protect electronics and other personal items from getting too hot. Electronics including DVD and CD players, dash cameras, and GPS systems struggle to function in extreme heat.
  2. Find Some Shade – Whenever you’re at home, park in the garage or under the carport. When away from home, find a shady spot and park there. A hot garage or a shady tree is still better than leaving your car in direct sunlight.
  3. Open Windows & Sun/Moonroof – Crack your windows slightly to allow hot air to escape. While it doesn’t help exponentially, even a couple of degrees makes a difference.
  4. Solar Powered Fan – Paired with cracked windows, a solar-powered fan can really decrease the unpleasant feeling of stagnant, hot air in your car. These little fans work by pulling the hot air out of your car, creating constant air circulation, which reduces the overall interior temperature.
  5. Wash and Wax – Keeping your car clean will help protect the paint. Dirt and other debris on the exterior of your car create tiny scratches that damage your car’s topcoat. Monsoons bringing dust and rain can also leave unsightly water spots on the paint. Washing your vehicle on a regular basis may help to protect it from damage to the topcoat while a coat of wax protects the vehicle’s paint from the sun and other elements. Wax creates a protective barrier to repel dirt and other debris to prevent water spots and bonus it keeps your car looking shiny and new!