Serpentine Belt, CV Boot, U-Joint & Axle Repair


Sun Devil Auto believes in empowering and educating customers to take better care of their vehicles and feel more comfortable about doing so. There are several components underneath your vehicle’s hood, including the serpentine belt, CV boot, U-joints and axle. Learn more about what these parts do, how you can take better care of them and signs that the components should be repaired or replaced.

The Serpentine Belt
The serpentine belt, also known as the drive or V-belt, powers your vehicle’s accessories, such as the air conditioner, alternator, compressor, and water pump, in most cases. Though your owner’s manual may suggest how often the serpentine belt should be inspected, allowing frequent inspections by a technician is most recommended.

These inspections can be performed during routine maintenance visits, such as oil changes. If you ever see the belt has started to succumb to wear and tear, or if your car makes noise while accelerating, it’s best that you replace the belt as soon as possible and have the tensioners and pulleys examined to see if there is any fatigue to the bearings or tensioner spring.

The CV Boot
Your auto CV boot protects the constant velocity joints at each end of the axle. Normally lasting as many as 300,000 miles without incident, CV boots can become damaged or cracked, which often allows debris to work its way inside and damage the joints. Troublesome indicators with your boot include grease inside the wheel rim and clicking noise when turning the steering wheel. Pay close attention to how your car sounds and operates to catch CV boot failure as early as possible.

The U-Joints
Rear-wheel-drive vehicles have driveshafts that are connected at both ends by U-joints, also called universal joints. These joints keep your rear tires spinning when you need them most. Odd noises coming from underneath your car, vibrations, and feeling your seat shaking are all signs that one of our technicians should examine your U-joints.

The Axle
Much like the CV boot and U-joints, your car’s axle funnels power from the engine to your tires. A bumping jolt can damage an axle, which you’re sure to notice if your vehicle audibly protests whenever you shift gears, your car rumbles, or your car is simply immobile. Keep your eye open for potholes in the road to avoid accidentally breaking an axle.

If you ever suspect that your axle, U-joints, serpentine belt, or CV boot could be giving you trouble, swing by one of our service centers so that we can determine the issue. Our expert Service Advisors and Technicians look forward to informing you about taking the best care of your vehicle.

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