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Why Is It Hard To Estimate the Cost of a Transmission Repair?

savings for carWhile no car repair is considered convenient in a car owner’s life, one of the most intricate and involved vehicle repairs is transmission repair. It’s essentially the root canal of auto repairs. Thankfully, you have the dedicated experts of Sun Devil Auto here to clear up a bit of confusion surrounding why it can be challenging to receive an estimate for transmission repair cost without first doing a hands-on investigation. Even if your transmission is working perfectly now, it never hurts to have some dependable information on hand so you can be prepared should your transmission start giving you fits in the future.

What Your Transmission Does

Before launching into a transmission repair cost estimate, we’d first like to explain what your car’s transmission does. This information can help you better understand the cost of repairs. Your transmission is essential to your vehicle’s overall ability to operate. Specifically, it uses various gears to deliver engine power to the drive axle. With the way automotive technology has advanced, transmissions have become more complex than ever. If your transmission is in bad shape, it doesn’t matter how much gas is in the tank or how new your tires are–you won’t be going anywhere.

Various Transmission Problems

With such a massive role to play in the overall operation and performance of your vehicle, it makes sense that your transmission is made up of several individual parts and components to create a whole. Should something go wrong with one of those systems or parts, it can throw the entire transmission operation out of alignment.

For example, the transmission control module could experience a voltage overload impacting its control over the gear shifting process and its ability to adjust to various driving conditions.

Alternatively, transmission fluid leaks can lead to transmission failure since that fluid essentially acts as the transmission’s lifeblood. If you ever notice red or brown fluid underneath your car, you’ll want a Sun Devil Auto technician to inspect your vehicle as soon as possible.

Pressure control and shift solenoids make sure transmission fluid gets where it needs to go and that it does so in the proper amount. One indication that your solenoids need attention is if you have problems with shifting. If it turns out you do need to replace your solenoids, you’re better off having them all replaced at the same time since it takes a great deal of labor to get to the solenoids. As you can see, the main reason transmission repairs are hard to estimate is because it can be hard for mechanics to determine which component is causing the problem with just a visual inspection. They have to dive deeper to see what’s going on.

To get more miles from your transmission, you’ll want to have the transmission fluid flushed on a regular basis. Mechanics recommend transmission flushes every 20,000 to 60,000 miles, but newer vehicles commonly only need them every 100,000 miles since their transmissions are more efficient. Sometimes, a good transmission flush can go a long way in avoiding a transmission rebuild or replacement. Though flushing is preventative, new fluid will not repair an already damaged transmission.

Rebuild and Replacement

If it turns out your transmission has completely failed you, you can either have it rebuilt or replaced. A new and full replacement is the most expensive option, and it’s understandable that you want to avoid that option. While you also have the option of a used transmission, a rebuild is usually the best route as they cannot only repair the cause of the concern but can also replace all the worn parts simultaneously, making it feel just like new!

Make Sure Professionals Do the Job

No matter the reason for your transmission troubles, it’s important that professional and experienced Sun Devil Auto technicians do the work. Our ASE-certified technicians will get the job done right the first time, which goes a long way in saving you time, money, and frustration. Even better is the fact that we go to every length to ensure we do the job at a competitive price. While you might not necessarily receive the lowest estimate or quote from us, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting dependable service and a job done with the industry’s best parts and techniques.

Think your transmission is to blame for your recent automotive woes? Bring your vehicle down to your nearest Sun Devil Auto location.