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Why Is a Transmission Flush Important for My Vehicle?

Helping automobile owners understand the various kinds of preventative maintenance that will help to extend the life of any vehicle is important to us at Sun Devil Auto. That’s part of the reason why we are committed to explaining how processes like a transmission flush can help you to get more life out of your car. Drivers tend to overlook essential flushes because they are due as rarely as every 30,000 to 50,000 miles, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Still, knowing about them is important because when fluids reach the end of their lifespans, they lose the ability to fully protect your vehicle. Transmission fluid is no exception.

How Transmission Fluid Works

Transmission fluid is a type of oil with a specific viscosity achieved by the right combination of chemicals and additives. This balance is important because it serves as the lubricant and coolant for the gears in the transmission, ensuring that they operate smoothly during changes and keeping them from overheating and seizing. When transmission fluid breaks down enough that its viscosity changes, then it no longer maintains the balance that those fine gears need to function correctly. Over time, the excess heat and wear caused by spent transmission fluid could contribute to other problems, and may eventually lead to a complete transmission failure.

What a Transmission Flush Does

A transmission flush not only replaces your expended transmission fluid, but it also cleans the transmission as it changes the fluid over. It also manages to replace more of the fluid than a simple draining and replacement procedure does, so you get more improved performance after a full flush than you do after a simple replacement. By cleaning your transmission with a flush as you replace the fluid, you gain the following:

  • Reduce or eliminate debris or contaminants that appear in the transmission over time as parts wear.
  • Obtain a more complete replacement of the fluids.
  • Lower wear and tear on other engine system components, promoting overall vehicle life.

Scheduling Your Flush

If you aren’t sure whether it’s time for a flush or not, then it’s time to talk your Sun Devil Auto service team about when your transmission is due for maintenance. That way, you can plan accordingly. Transmission replacements are one of the most expensive repairs your vehicle can face. Reduce the risk that you will need one by keeping your transmission maintenance up to date, and keep your car in peak condition for a longer period of time. The investment is worth it.