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What to Do If You Lock Yourself Out of Your Car

There is nothing like the feeling you get when you realize that your keys are locked inside your car. Even though you may be close to them, your keys have probably never felt so far away. Especially if you are in a rush, this could be disastrous to your plans, so what do you do? Outside of the obvious options, there are a few possibilities to consider, a couple of which may not have to cost you a pretty penny.

Phone a Friend

This is one of the reasons why spare keys are made. Contact a trusted friend or family member that may have your spare key and see if a copy can be brought to you. If you have your spare key or a remote access device at home, consider if it would be worth getting a ride home to retrieve it. If you live nearby and are not on a tight schedule, it could be worth the trip.

Check With Your Insurance

Many individuals are not fully aware of all of the benefits offered by their insurance. Some policies may cover or offer a discount if you must use a locksmith to access your vehicle. Contact your provider and see what options may be offered. This may also be a benefit to check if you are part of an automobile association.

Call the Locksmith

When all else fails, contact a locksmith. This may be the more expensive option, but it is a surefire way to gain access to your vehicle again. If you are not in dire straits, take a little while to search around and compare prices; you can accomplish this with a simple internet search. If there is a locksmith that is cheaper but is farther away, contact one that is closer and see if you can get them to match the price. Also, check what specials they may be running. It never hurts to ask and it could save you quite a bit on your service.

Should you find yourself locked out of your car, remember that you have a few choices. Try to stay calm and evaluate your options to determine the best route, considering your personal situation and needs. If you have time to wait, then try to go for the less expensive option. However, if you are in a hurry, you may have to bite the bullet and opt for the quickest, yet, pricier and guaranteed method. Anyway it goes, be sure to always check your pockets or purse twice when exiting your vehicle.