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What Does My Transmission Do?

Your transmission is a significant component of the successful operation of your vehicle. Without its capabilities, power could never reach your drive wheels and your car would pretty much be useless. Your transmission is comprised of many working parts that all work together efficiently. It constantly shifts from gear to gear to help you change speed, park, idle, and reverse.

Numerous gear combinations help make sure power is delivered to the wheels while keeping the engine within a set range of revolutions per minute (R.P.M).  While the number of gears can vary among vehicles, there are some functions that remain constant.

In first gear, the engine turns faster in relation to the drive wheels. When the car is in neutral, the transmission disengages the engine from the drive wheels. The drive wheels turn in the opposite direction, allowing your vehicle to back up when it is put into the reverse position. Finally, when your vehicle is in park, your drive wheels are locked. A latch mechanism (like a deadbolt on a door) is inserted into a space in the output shaft to ensure they lock.

It’s important for all the parts of your transmission to work together cohesively in order for your vehicle to operate optimally. Although the final outputs of transmissions may seem straightforward, they’re comprised of multiple complex parts.

A step to help keep your complicated transmission performing well is to replace your transmission fluids and filters regularly. By maintaining your transmission, you can help keep it running as best as it can. If you’re unsure about how to maintain your transmission fluids and filters, then you should leave it up to professional technicians who can ensure it’s done correctly.

When considering how frequently you use your vehicle, it’s nearly impossible to imagine not having it at all. If left undetected or untreated, transmission problems can cause your car to completely shut down. By caring for the heart of your vehicle properly, you can keep it up and running smoothly!