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What Does My Automatic Transmission Do?

Most of us understand that transmissions are an integral component of a vehicle. You may find yourself asking “What does my Transmission do?” Generally speaking, we know they shift from gear to gear in order to increase or decrease speed, idle, reverse, and park. Let’s take a look at how exactly this occurs and how your transmission helps you get from “Point A to Point B.”

The transmission’s main function is to make sure power is delivered to the wheels while keeping the engine within a specific range of speed or R.P.M. (revolutions per minute).  This is done by the use of various gear combinations.

While each vehicle’s number of gears can vary, in first gear the engine turns faster in relation to the drive wheels. Conversely, in high gear, the engine operates at a much lower R.P.M. even though the vehicle is reaching highway speeds (70 MPH+). When the vehicle is put in the neutral position, the transmission disengages the engine from the drive wheels. When the vehicle is shifted into the reverse position, the drive wheels turn in the opposite direction allowing your vehicle to back up. Finally, when the vehicle is placed in the park position, a latch mechanism-similar to a deadbolt lock on a door is inserted into a space in the output shaft that locks the drive wheels. This prevents the drive wheels from turning which in turn prevents rolling.

The transmission and engine of a vehicle could be compared to the brain and heart of a human body. Working together, each part is imperative to the operation of the vehicle. The heart cannot beat without the brain sending a message to the heart. Likewise, a heart must pump blood to create energy for the brain. Though the actual function of transmissions are fairly straight-forward, they are comprised of many complex parts.

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