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What Are the Main Benefits to Regular Tire Rotation?

You’ve probably heard it’s a good idea to regularly rotate your tires, but that doesn’t mean you’re as diligent about it as you should be. Once you understand the many benefits of regular tire rotation, make sure you have it done by Sun Devil Auto’s expert technicians at one of our service centers.

Better Tire Tread Life

Your driving habits, the terrain on which you drive and the temperature all have different effects on your tires, which can easily lead to uneven wear. By scheduling regular tire rotations, you can better ensure your treads wear down more evenly, which goes a long way in extending their overall life, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Better Overall Vehicle Performance

Drivers who neglect to take proper care of their tires will likely notice their stability, overall comfort and performance start to decline. When you regularly change the position of your tires or replace them when needed, you’re sure to notice your vehicle has better handling on snowy roads and that it stops better on wet roads. Also, consider that neglecting your tires can lead to a number of other annoying problems, such as front-end misalignment and poor balance, causing vibration.

Better Gas Mileage

This is a benefit you’re sure to love: keeping your tires regularly rotated helps boost your vehicle’s gas mileage, which reduces the amount you spend at the pump. The reason for this is that regular rotation lessens the load your tires have to bear, reduces vehicle friction and pull, and provides you with better traction. Because there isn’t as much work to do, your car doesn’t need to burn as much gas, which means you don’t have to spend as much money or go to the pump as often.

Easier Maintenance of Your Tire Warranty

If your tires are under warranty, you’ll most certainly want to regularly rotate them every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. This is because most manufacturers require regular rotations for their warranties to remain valid. Depending on where you purchased your tires, there’s a chance you qualify for free rotations for as long as the tires are on your car. Warranty or not, it’s plain to see that regular tire rotation is in your absolute best interest.

More Money in Your Pocket

Generally, you can save a lot of money by regularly rotating your tires. As mentioned above, you save on gas mileage, but you can also avoid expensive mechanical repairs caused by the resulting worn or uneven tread. There’s also the fact that keeping your tires regularly rotated means you don’t have to buy new tires sooner than absolutely necessary. A few preventative measures go a long way to preserving your car and your finances as well.

Now that you understand what you have to gain (as well as what you have to lose) with regular tire rotations, it’s time to decide where to have your tires rotated. Tire rotations are always included in every oil change that Sun Devil Auto performs. Schedule an appointment for your next oil change and included tire rotation with our qualified technicians. You’ll be glad you did!