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What are Arizona’s Car Seat Laws?

If you are driving with a kid in tow, safety is of the utmost importance, especially if he or she is still in a car seat. There are several important concepts that parents should be aware of when using booster seats. Arizona has standards that all drivers must follow when driving with booster seats, so if you are planning on having a young child ride along with you, you should take note of these regulations to see if you are in compliance. More importantly, though, these laws ensure that your child is safely restrained in the car. These are the requirements that Arizona has established by law for booster seat use.

Understanding Height and Weight Requirements

Laws passed in 2012 regarding booster seat requirements in Arizona established height as the primary criteria for determining whether children should ride in booster seats. There are no weight criteria, but the determined minimum height for riding without a booster seat has been established as 4’9”. This height is the minimum at which a child can safely sit in a car with only a seatbelt. For kids who are 4’8” and shorter, a booster seat is necessary to ensure that the seatbelt is positioned correctly over the chest and shoulder, and provides adequate protection. Without it, children may be susceptible to injury.

Differentiating Between Height and Age

In addition to the criteria for height and weight, Arizona has specified age requirements for children to determine whether or not a booster seat is necessary. Revised standards now require that kids who are between the ages of five and seven ride with a booster seat unless they are exempt. The only specified exemption is for children who are 4’9” or taller. In order to check whether or not your child must actually use a booster seat, you should take his or her age and height into consideration.

Verifying Booster Seat Compliance

Arizona has approved booster seats that are built into cars, as well as models that do not require installation. If you are not sure whether or not you are complying with booster seat laws, the state of Arizona recommends consulting with a certified child passenger safety technician. Booster seats are essential to ensuring that all children in your car are safe, but taking care of your car is important, too. If you need help with maintenance or repairs, certified technicians at Sun Devil Auto can provide the service you need so that you are driving smoothly.