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Wet Weather Driving Tips

Whether you live in an area with little rainfall or frequent downpours, knowing how to drive during and after rain is always important. Following these tips and having your car serviced by reputable professionals like those at Sun Devil Auto will help you and your vehicle be prepared for any wet-weather driving.

See and Be Seen

Visibility is necessary in rainy conditions, so make sure that you are able to see and be seen by using these features of your vehicle.

  • Windshield wipers: These should be replaced at least once a year or more frequently if they smear or smudge the glass, they have nicks or cuts, or they no longer grip the glass effectively.
  • Defrosters: Windows often fog up in the rain, so be sure to turn on both front and rear window defrosters to maintain the clearest possible view of your surroundings.
  • Lights: Always use your headlights in the rain and activate turn signals well in advance so that others see you and are prepared for your actions. Inspect headlights, tail lights, brake lights and signal lights at least twice a year and replace bad bulbs as soon as possible.

Wipers and defrosters help you see, and lights and signals help you to be seen by others. Sun Devil Auto can inspect and repair these systems when you have your oil changed so you can be sure of optimal visibility for driving safely in the rain.

Slow Down

Driving too fast in these conditions can cause hydroplaning, which means that your tires lose traction because they’re rotating faster than the treads can disperse the water on the road. Slowing down by easing off the gas and applying very light brake pressure improves traction, but proper tire maintenance is also helpful.

  • Tire Pressure: Check the air in your tires weekly and adjust it to manufacturer’s specifications as printed on the tire or on the inside of the driver’s side car door.
  • Tire Tread: The deeper the tread on your tires, the better they displace water. To make sure your tire treads are effective, insert the edge of a quarter into the tread. If Washington’s head is partially covered, you’re in good shape. If Washington’s entire head can still be seen, it’s time for a new tire. If you have any doubt or questions don’t hesitate to call.

Finally, driving safely in the rain means not driving through moving or standing water on the road, not using cruise control, pulling over if conditions are unsafe and having your car serviced your car at Sun Devil Auto to ensure your vehicle is ready to face wet weather conditions.