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Trusted Brake Repair Service at Sun Devil Auto

While every part of your car is important, your brakes are most certainly among the most essential. Sun Devil Auto specializes in trusted and expert brake repair, but we don’t want to just tell you we’re the best choice for taking care of your vehicle, we also want to show you why we’re so well qualified. Learn more about the benefits of letting our ASE-certified technicians put a stop to poor brake performance.

Trusted Services

Because our business has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, our customers trust us to take excellent care of them and their vehicles. What’s more is the fact that we’ve been in business for nearly four decades, during which time we’ve always remained vigilant about our dedication to learning everything possible about automobiles of various makes, models, and ages.

ASE-Certified Technicians

Just as you’d want a licensed physician taking care of you and your physical health, the same is likely true of the mechanic taking care of your vehicle’s automotive health. Sun Devil Auto technicians are fully ASE certified, which means they have the credentials, training, and experience necessary to bring out the best in your car. Because automotive technology is constantly evolving, we make sure our technicians remain up-to-date on the latest developments. If you have an older model vehicle, that’s no problem for us to take care of either.

A Feeling of Reassurance

Many drivers are wary when it comes to dealing with mechanics, and we completely understand the apprehension. This is one reason we do our absolute best to reassure our customers that we’re committed to providing them with reputable auto care at a great price. We want you to have complete faith and trust in our services and our business philosophy.

Up to 12 Months of Financing

For many, auto repairs can be an unexpected and unbearable expense, one that is put off as much as possible. Over the years we’ve been in business, we’ve become all too familiar with the frustration that can come with the uncertainty of how much automotive repairs cost and the hardship of figuring out a way to repair them. For that reason, we offer 12 months financing. Now you can get the brake repairs you need without going into debt or ruining your finances.

Is it time to replace your brake components? Schedule an appointment or call today for a brake inspection with The Brake Experts at Sun Devil Auto.