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The Difference Between After-Market Brake Pads and Manufacturers’ Original Replacement Pads

When it’s time to replace your brake pads, you’re probably going to be looking for the highest quality product at the lowest price. The decision to purchase after-market brake pads vs. replacement brake pads from the manufacturer will likely be contingent on what’s important to you. While quality may represent long-lasting duration to many consumers, others may be looking for specific functionalities in brake pad performance.

Change of Pace

The manufacturer’s original replacement parts give some people peace of mind because it’s something familiar. If you’re simply replacing parts, then you’re probably already acquainted with their performance and there’s very little guesswork involved. However, switching things up and using after-market brake pads might provide such a life-altering stopping experience, that you may never look back. Many after-market brake pads come with extensive or lifetime warranties and are generally subject to rigorous inspection standards. In many cases, after-market brake pad warranties and testing extend beyond those offered by the manufacturer. If you’re looking for perfection instead of perfunctory, you may consider trying something new and specialized.

Next Level Performance

The manufacturer’s original replacement pads can be a reliable choice, but there may be more suitable options. If your vehicle is already modified for increased speed or load capacity, chances are you may be looking for more than just a baseline product. Sticking with the original manufacturer may mean that you have fewer specialized options. Pairing modern performance modifications with run-of-the-mill brake pads may not always achieve optimal results.

Choosing After-Market Brake Pads

The after-market environment for car parts opens the door to a wide variety of selection. You can select brake pads that make the stopping experience quicker, quieter, or smoother. Customers can even select environmentally-friendly brake pads. A vehicle carrying large amounts of heavy cargo may require more aggressive stopping power and shorter stopping distances. Vehicles that have been modified for enhanced speed performance may warrant equally enhanced braking mechanisms.

Do After-Market Prices and Products Represent Quality?

Price points for these pads will vary with differing production standards, features, and warranties. As many after-market brake products are made for aggressive use, duration of the parts may vary. Harder wear and tear can naturally reduce longevity. The intended use of the vehicle should be a relevant factor in any consumer’s analysis of selected parts.

What’s the Best Choice?

There isn’t one right answer in choosing between after-market and original manufacturers’ replacement pads. The best brake pad choice is contingent upon the performance expectations for the vehicle. Depending on the requirements, after-market and the original manufacturer’s brake pads can both be viable consumer solutions.