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The Best of the Best: ASE Certified Technicians

Whether you’re driving a family van or high-performance sports car, your vehicle is an important investment. You’ve had to shell out thousands of dollars to pay for your car; maybe you’re even still paying off your car loan. Regardless, the investment into your car has to be caked up with top-notch maintenance service. The high-quality service your car deserves comes from ASE certified technicians.

What Does ASE Mean?

ASE stands for “Automotive Service Excellence,” a nonprofit organization dedicated to making sure consumers get the best maintenance service. At all Sun Devil Auto service centers, we employ professional technicians who meet ASE standards. Mandatory requirements to become ASE-Certified start with having a minimum of two years of experience as a mechanic. A rigorous test is then taken to prove expertise and must be taken again every five years. The test covers the following topics:

  • Engine repair
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Manual drivetrains
  • Transaxles
  • Electrical systems
  • Suspension and brakes
  • Axles
  • Engine performance
  • Air-conditioning and heating

This means that all mechanics at Sun Devil Auto have gone above and beyond in their automotive expertise.

Adapting to New Technology

Cars are complex machines. Changing technology means that most new cars rely on a computer chip for the majority of their functionality. This one piece of technology alone is a complex thing to understand and master. ASE certified technicians receive training in new developments in automotive technology. When you have one of our mechanics working on your car, it is guaranteed that a skilled and knowledgeable professional is getting the job done.

Cost-Effective Service

You might be aware of local mechanics who are known for being friendly and enthusiastic, but are they experienced? When you pay for automotive repair services, you are paying the mechanic according to his or her level of expertise. Regular mechanics can take more time to figure out an issue, causing labor costs to rise. ASE Certified technicians do a more efficient job and make sure that every problem is fully resolved, leaving you without the need of another repair.

Get the Most Out of Your Car

If you want to ensure your car is in good working condition, you should insist on nothing less than ASE Certified technicians. You’ll get the longest life out of your car when it is serviced with proper maintenance work. Hiring ASE-Certified technicians at Sun Devil Auto is the best way to guarantee you are getting the highest quality repairs and maintenance done. We’ve been doing this for almost 40 years. Contact us to schedule the maintenance your car deserves.