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Sedona: A Great Arizona Road Trip

You do not need to go far in order to view beautiful scenery and an experience you and your loved ones will remember for quite some time. If you travel 2.5 hours outside of Phoenix, you will find yourself in breath-taking Sedona. Along certain routes are beautiful red rocks that will truly astound you. It is the perfect excursion when you are looking to escape the city for the day and enjoy the majesty of nature.

Routes to Take

One trek you can take is Arizona State Route 179. This is commonly referred to as the Red Rock Scenic Byway because of the beautiful sandstone rock formations that can easily be seen from the road. Eventually, you will come across the Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte formations.

You can also take Interstate 17, which also has some lovely scenery, and you will also pass through some small towns. Some of the destinations you should keep an eye out for include Bumble Bee, Bug Cree, and Bloody Basin. In the past, these places were outposts for prospectors to set up post when they were not busy digging for gold. Some structures are still present, and they are great for pulling off to the side of the road momentarily to take your picture next to pieces of Arizona history.

While you are on the interstate, you can check out the Montezuma Castle National Monument. This is one of the most intact cliff dwelling structures in the country and is definitely worth taking the time to observe.

What to Do in Sedona

Once you reach Sedona, you will find that it is an absolutely lovely small town. There are plenty of unique restaurants to grab a quick bite to eat. There are also plenty of small shops to pick up some souvenirs. You may decide to head back to your home before the day closes, although you should really consider staying for an infamous Sedona sunset. Watching the sunlight bounce off of the dazzling red rock structures is truly a sight to see, and it will keep you talking the entire drive back.

Vacations do not necessarily have to be a large commitment either in terms of time or money. Whether you decide to go with family members, friends or your spouse, there is plenty to do for the day. Before any road trip, have your vehicle inspected to ensure it can handle the journey.