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Protecting Your Car From Sun Damage

The summer is quickly approaching, which means the temperatures will rise and it’s going to feel much hotter. While you will certainly feel the heat personally, the excess heat can also do a number on your vehicle. Numerous issues can develop, including faded paint on the exterior and a cracked steering wheel. All these can be costly to fix, so the best course of action is prevention. Follow these tips to ensure your car remains unaffected by the summer sun.

Park in the Shade 

Whenever you go out to work or to the store, make sure you park your car in an area that is covered. Parking structures can be extremely helpful. If there are no structures nearby, then you should try to find a spot that is under a shady tree. Not only will your car’s paint be protected, but when you go back to your vehicle, the interior temperature will be much lower than if you had parked in an area with more sun exposure.

Get a Sun Shade

car sun shadeThis is a really handy item you can pick up at most general stores. You place it on the inside of your car so that it fills up the windshield. It does a lot of good of protecting your steering wheel and can be extremely beneficial if you have to park somewhere without any shade. It also keeps your car’s interior cool. Many of these covers come with fun pictures or sayings, so you can find one that expresses your personality.

Apply Leather Protectant to Seats

During the summer, the heat can really do damage to your car’s interior if you have leather seats. Being exposed to heat can cause the leather to crack and fall apart. To avoid this, you should invest in a leather conditioner. You should also keep the seats clean and wipe away any debris routinely.

Put in Seat Covers

Even if you do not have leather seats, it is still a good idea to protect them with covers. Not only will they protect your seats from the sun, but they can also make your car much more comfortable. Numerous varieties are available, so you should see which one feels best on your back.

Wash Your Car Often

The sun already has the potential to fade and crack your vehicle’s paint job. If a lot of dirt and debris are allowed to accumulate, then the damage is only going to be amplified. Therefore, you want to wash and dry your vehicle often to keep it looking pristine. As an added bonus, you should also wax your car’s exterior to keep it looking shiny and new.

Check Tire Pressure Monthly

The heat can even do damage to your car without you realizing it. Extreme fluctuations in temperature can impact the pressure in each of your tires. This can lead to an unexpected blowout if you are not careful. Check the pressure at least once a month so that you know when you need to adjust it.

Check Fluid Levels Regularly

Another aspect of your car that extreme heat can affect is your fluid levels. This includes coolant, oil and transmission fluid. A lot of damage can occur in your vehicle if it is overheating and low on fluids. Check your levels often to see when you need to refill them.

There are numerous ways the sun can negatively impact your vehicle. From aesthetic problems to functional issues, plenty of damage can occur if you are not careful.  While there’s no way to avoid the heat of the summer, you can make going out in the heat more bearable for your vehicle and yourself with the proper preparations.