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Pros of Auto Glass Tinting

At Sun Devil Auto, we know that the summer temperature here in Arizona is nothing to take lightly. When the warm months roll around, a driver’s first thoughts often go to their air conditioning to stay cool. How about other ways to ‘beat the heat’? Nowadays, window tinting is about more than just style. Aside from appearance, it can also provide a host of benefits for both you and your vehicle when the sun is beating down.

Safety First

Driving through sun glare can be painful on your eyes, and your visors can only do so much. Window tinting is a great way to reduce the bright sunlight pouring into your vehicle, making it easier for you to see the road ahead. Not only does this make for safer travels, but it can also reduce potential eyestrain, headaches and other conditions that result from excessive sunlight exposure.

Additionally, quality tint can filter ultraviolet rays which enter through your windows. Limiting your exposure to harmful UV light is said to reduce your risks of skin aging and ailments, which can be particularly beneficial for frequent travelers.

Last and certainly not least, tinted windows are one of your best options for limiting the heat inside your vehicle. Recent innovations have introduced tinting products that boast reflection rates of 60 percent and higher. When you’re used to traveling in triple-digit temperatures, this alone can be worth the investment.

Vehicle Protection

There’s no replacement for keeping your vehicle out of the sun, but tinted windows minimize the amount of harsh light that enters into the cab of your car or truck. Just as in your home, sunlight steadily entering through windows can fade, warp, and crack susceptible surfaces, impacting the value of your vehicle.

Window tinting can also aid in protecting possessions kept in your car while it’s parked. By making it more difficult for opportunists to see belongings or valuables stored in your vehicle, you reduce the incentive for such individuals to attempt a break in.

Style to Spare

Even though window tinting is about more than style, it certainly remains one of most attractive features to many drivers. Like sunglasses for your car or truck, window tint offers an instant boost in its appearance.