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On-Board Diagnostics Leads to Quicker Problem Solving

If you have a modern car, it more than likely has a sophisticated network of computers that can tell you exactly what’s going on under the hood by using an onboard diagnostic tool. Learn just how much you have to gain by relying on onboard diagnostics rather than visually inspecting your vehicle.

Better for Car Owners, Technicians, and the Environment

Even if you or a mechanic can determine exactly what’s wrong with a visual or audible inspection of your car, there’s still a chance you’ve only taken care of half of the problem. Any repairs made might only be partial and only enough to prolong a preventable breakdown or future problems. Onboard diagnostics are designed to assist in pinpointing the problem accurately, so, that performed repairs eliminate the problem completely.

Another benefit of onboard diagnostics is that you don’t have to wait as long if your vehicle requires an emissions test. Diagnostics can also present a valuable opportunity for early maintenance. Rather than react to a problem with your vehicle, you can be informed ahead of time, which allows you to either take care of the problem right away or start saving up for the expense of the repair.

Make Manufacturers Put Their Best Cars Forward

When you can quickly and easily determine what’s going on with your vehicle, it becomes that much easier to know which auto manufacturers design and build models that are reliable and which churn out financial casualties on four wheels. Onboard diagnostics are just the incentive manufacturers need to build the best vehicles possible, ones that don’t fall prey to some of the more expensive and common repairs consumers have to endure. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle or will be soon, this information can be a tremendous advantage in deciding which make and model to put on your list and which to avoid at all costs.

If you think you have a problem with your vehicle and want an accurate diagnosis, come on down and see us at Sun Devil Auto. We use only the best and most advanced onboard diagnostic tools, and all of our repairs are thorough and effective. Schedule an appointment at the location nearest you, and see for yourself what it’s like doing business with a friendly, family-owned shop that has dealership service aptitude.