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Knowing the Differences Between Synthetic Auto Oil and Conventional Auto Oil

As if you didn’t have a hard enough time knowing when to get your oil changed, there’s also knowing the difference between synthetic and conventional oil. Sun Devil Auto is here to explain the differences between the two types of oil, the benefits of the each and which vehicles require which each type of oil.

Synthetic vs. Conventional

One of the most essential things you should know about conventional oil is that it’s derived from crude oil and imbued with properties designed to allow it to remain stable over lengthy periods of time.

Synthetic oil starts out as conventional oil before it’s altered to offer more lubrication and protection to your vehicle. There are also several different types of synthetic oil, some of which are designed for cars with high mileage or oils created for high-performance engines. When shopping for synthetic oil, pay close attention to the properties of the oil and what they’re designed to do.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the biggest advantages of using conventional oil over synthetic is that conventional oil changes are often less expensive than synthetic oil changes. That being said, synthetic oil is better at withstanding high Phoenix temperatures. Another advantage is that synthetic oil usually lasts longer than conventional oil, allowing you to potentially go longer between oil changes, which can help balance the higher cost of synthetic oil. If you’re focused on being more environmentally friendly, you might want to opt for synthetic oil, mainly because it has a cleaner composition and isn’t as volatile as conventional oil.

Which Is Best for Your Vehicle?

Now that you understand the differences and advantages of conventional and synthetic oil, you might be wondering, “which is the better option for my specific type of vehicle?” If your engine is of the high-performance variety, you’ll want to use synthetic oil. That being said, you should always reference your owner’s manual to know for sure which type of oil works best for your specific make and model of vehicle. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or come down to the shop so that we can take a look at your vehicle and help you decide which type of oil is best for you and your driving conditions.

Come in for an Oil Change Today

If you have any questions about oil or anything else to do with auto repairs, reach out to the Sun Devil Auto nearest you. Whether you prefer synthetic or convention oil, you’ll have nothing but the best when you’re working with the pros.