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Is the Condition of My Brake Fluid Important to Brake Performance?

brake fluid Brake fluid is a critical component of your car’s braking system. Stepping on the brake pedal activates the process of hydraulic fluid rushing to your brakes. The brakes then apply pressure to the rotors which are attached to the wheel hubs and slow your car down. Over time, brake fluid can become deteriorated or contaminated and compromise your brake performance. Learn more about how the condition of your brake fluid affects your vehicle.

Why Should I Care About Brake Fluid?

Braking is one of the most important functions of your car. Without it, you would never be able to slow down. There is more to your car’s braking system than the rotors and calipers. Hydraulic brake fluid lets you brake quickly and safely. It also prevents corrosion by lubricating movable parts and removing moisture within your braking system. This also helps to prevent failure from electronic components as found in your Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS).

What Are the Signs My Brake Fluid Is Contaminated?

Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture through the caliper pistons, hoses, and connections. Brake fluid is hygroscopic so moisture is naturally pulled into the fluid through the atmosphere. Too much moisture contamination causes the fluid to become vapor during hot braking cycles that negatively affects your braking ability. Signs that your brake fluid is contaminated include:

  • Your brake pedal responds more slowly
  • You need to start braking earlier than you used to
  • Your dashboard has a brake warning light (Brake or ABS)
  • Your brake pedal requires excessive pressure to respond

If you notice any of these signs while driving, it’s time for a brake fluid flush.

What Is a Brake Fluid Flush?

A brake fluid flush is an exchange of old, contaminated fluid for clean fluid. The exchange occurs by bleeding out the old fluid with a power flush machine and adding new fluid. This process is important to preventative maintenance. If you want to stop your car from having reduced braking power and prevent corrosion of your baking system, a brake fluid flush is the best thing to do.

Can Sun Devil Auto Flush My Brakes?

Here at Sun Devil Auto, we want to keep your car up and running to its full potential. When you need a brake fluid flush, you want it done by a highly-experienced mechanic. Our technicians go through the ASE-certification process to ensure they are rigorously tested on all aspects of car repair and maintenance, including braking systems.

Bring your car into one of our service centers or call us to schedule a brake fluid flush. Whether you drive a minivan or a high-performance sports car, Sun Devil Auto is here to make sure your braking system is properly maintained.