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Is It Wise to Wash My Engine Compartment?

At least every few weeks, you probably make it a point to wash your vehicle. Whether you do it by hand or you take a spin through an automated car wash, you need to do something once the dirt really starts to build up. What about the unseen grime, though – the buildup that’s impacting your engine?

Providing your car or truck with a fresh, clean engine compartment can lend numerous benefits, from extending the lifespan of various plastic and rubber components to easing the identification of more pressing issues. It can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the inner workings under your hood, so don’t hesitate to consult the professionals at Sun Devil Auto when you need assistance.

Why Clean My Engine?

It might sound silly to wash something that no one besides a mechanic will probably ever see, but cleanliness isn’t all about visual appeal. For starters, it should be noted that grease and oil can speed up the breakdown of parts such as rubber hoses. By removing built-up residue, these relatively fragile parts stand a better chance of lasting longer, saving you money on replacements.

Equally important, a well-cleaned engine is one that makes it simpler to identify problems. For instance, it’s considerably easier to pinpoint a bad valve cover gasket when you can quickly locate the source of the leak. This means simple engine compartment maintenance can prevent problems from growing as they go unseen.

The Power of Pressure

At Sun Devil Auto, we utilize the proven power of Hotsy Pressure Washers to deliver a deep clean that’ll have your engine compartment looking like new again. Our experienced technicians take care to cover all the details and tough spots without compromising any of your vehicle’s sensitive components. This is a recommended regular service for any vehicle owner, but it can be of great benefit if you’re selling your car or truck as well.

Any savvy buyer will want to do a few things before purchasing a used automobile: see the service records, take it for a test drive, and check under the hood. Ensure that the perceived value of your vehicle is everything it should be by presenting a spotless engine.

Full-Service Solutions

Sun Devil Auto is here to provide your car or truck with everything it needs for maximum performance and premier curb appeal. Set an appointment today and let us restore the luster of your vehicle’s engine compartment.