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If Your Car Starts to Run Hot, Keep It From Overheating

Imagine driving home after a long day of work under the summer sun and looking down at your dashboard to see your car’s temperature gauge quickly climbing into the red. Before you meltdown right along with your car, know that there are a few things you can do to help keep your car from overheating, which can lead to extensive and expensive damage.

Take Preventative Measures

If your car has just started to run hot and isn’t quite in the red, you’ll want to turn off the air conditioner and roll down your windows to see if that will help, making sure you keep a close eye on the temperature gauge to determine whether it’s helping. If the temperature continues to rise, it’s best that you pull over as soon and as safely as you can, cut the engine off and open up the hood to help your engine cool down on its own.

Leave the Radiator Cap Alone

Under no circumstances do you want to take the radiator cap off. If you aren’t sure which one it is, consult your owner’s manual. The reason you want to leave the radiator cap alone is that the rising temperature has created an abundance of pressure under the cap, which can lead to you getting burned.

Refill the Antifreeze/Coolant

If this isn’t the first time your car has overheated, you might have engine coolant/antifreeze packed in your vehicle with you. Be sure to add some to your engine when it starts to overheat and you’ve pulled over. It’s best that you wait until your engine has cooled off a bit before adding anything, just to be safe.

Check Your Hoses for Bursts, Leaks, and Blockages

While your hood is open and you’re waiting for your engine to cool down, it’s the perfect time to take a look at all the hoses under the hood to see if they’ve suffered any kind of damage. There might be a leak that leads to overheating, or it could be that your thermostat has simply gone bad. Don’t know your way under the hood of your car? Have a professional mechanic take a look for you instead.

Change Your Oil

Regular oil changes also go a long way in keeping your car from overheating. Whenever you take your car into a Sun Devil Auto service center, be sure to request that your car’s fan is checked to ensure it’s working properly. Our technicians will be thorough when it comes to checking and changing your oil as well as giving your car a complete inspection while we take care of it. Tending to other regular maintenance jobs can also help keep your car in the best condition and as cool as possible.

Know that your car is running hot is no guarantee that it will overheat. Do your best to stay calm, be sure to put these tips to good use while driving, and let the pros of Sun Devil Auto keep your car running cool and help educate you about additional steps you can take to better maintain your vehicle.