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How You Know Your Car’s Air Conditioning Needs a Tune-Up

During the summer, you will definitely want to crank your car’s air conditioning any time you get inside, especially if it has been sitting outside for hours. However, due to excessive moisture or old age, an AC System can wear down over time. To avoid being uncomfortable during your drive, seek out necessary repairs to have a forceful, cool air conditioning system.

Reasons for Weak Functionality

You may turn on your AC to full blast only to get a little bit of cold air. Some of the most common reasons why inferior airflow occurs include:

  • Opened core case seals
  • Weak or failed blower motor, restriction in cabin air flow.
  • Loose hose
  • Accumulation of mildew or mold

Weak airflow is not the only problem you may encounter. A leak in the system or insufficient levels of refrigerant, such as Freon, can cause the air coming out of the unit to not be as cold as you would like. Occasionally, the air starts out cold but quickly becomes hot, and this is caused by a possible leak or a clogged expansion valve. Mold can also cause the air you receive to smell really bad. These are only a few symptoms of a weak AC system.

Other Warning Signs Your Car’s AC Is Failing

Weak airflow and suspicious smells are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to identifying an issue with air conditioning. You may also begin to hear weird noises along the lines of rattling and banging coming from the AC. Strange sounds can also be a symptom of a variety of automotive issues, so take your car to our technicians for a full diagnosis.

When you drive around with a broken AC system, you may also begin to notice water stains accumulating on the inside of your vehicle. Water draining from the underside of a car is normal every so often. However, you do not want to see stains developing within your car’s interior. If you see stains form on your front floor mats or under the dash, then you need to rectify the problem immediately.

Repairs Needed

As with most car repairs, many drivers worry about how intensive a repair job is going to be. When it comes to your air conditioner, it depends on what exactly has gone wrong. If your car only needs the refrigerant to be replaced, then you can easily purchase the substance on your own and refill it yourself. This is extremely cost-effective and does not take very long. However, many times it is preferable to take your car to a professional at Sun Devil Auto.

Our experts are proficient in AC repair, and they will look over your vehicle comprehensively to locate the source of the problem. Our technicians conduct electronic tests to see if there are any leaks within the AC system. Depending on what went wrong, we may need to tighten a hose, clean out a cabin filter or replace a compressor. The length of time your car will need to be in the shop and the cost of the repairs ultimately comes down to what we need to do. Bring your car in as soon as you notice a problem so that we can provide you with an estimate.

Exceptional Service

Sun Devil Auto has helped numerous drivers in the Phoenix area remain comfortable within their vehicles. We can do the same for you, and if your vehicle is experiencing AC problems, then bring it in before we really start to experience that famous Arizona heat. We have 19 locations across Arizona. Contact the closest location to you to get more information and to schedule a time to bring your car in.