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How to Take Care of Your Car’s Battery

No matter how much gas you might have in your car, you won’t be going anywhere if your battery isn’t in working order. Sun Devil Auto wants to help you avert the inconvenience of a dead battery, which is why we offer our customers tips for getting the most out of their automobiles. Learn how to take great care of your car’s battery and how we can help you in this endeavor.

Insulate Your Battery

During the colder months of the year, it’s a good idea for you to insulate your car battery from the ravages of winter. A well-insulated battery has an easier time of starting up, and the practice can also protect your battery from premature wear and tear.

Maintain Your Terminals

Keeping your terminals clean is essential to proper battery operation. Terminals are best maintained with a soft brush, baking soda, and water to rinse everything away. Over time, grease, dirt and other debris can negatively impact terminal operation, making it necessary for you to scrub it all off. Seek out a professional mechanic to properly cleanse your battery.

Test Your Battery

While maintaining your battery terminals, it’s the perfect time for you to test your battery, which you should do at least once a year. Not only will testing your battery let you know how much of a charge is left, but it also gives you an idea of when you need to start saving up and shopping around for a new battery. This is preferable to your battery suddenly dying and needing an emergency replacement.

Invest in a Solar Charger

Speaking of battery charges, you can use a solar charger to help power up your battery. You’ll be pleased to know that such chargers are relatively inexpensive. Even better is the fact that using the sun’s rays to power your battery is environmentally friendly and perfectly sustainable.

Make Sure Your Battery Is Properly Secured

You’ll want to check your battery from time to time to see that it fits snugly with the rest of your engine. Batteries that are loose are prone to moving around and harming other parts of the engine, which can lead to unnecessary damages and repairs.

Know that Sun Devil Auto is here to help in your quest to take care of your car battery. We offer free battery and charging system inspections. Contact us to learn about our advanced diagnostic equipment that can predict the remaining life of your battery.