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How To Prepare Your Car and Yourself for the Summer

kid on summer vacation in the carTemperatures have been rising and that means Summer is upon us. It’s time to store jackets and sweaters and bring out summer attire like shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops. While you’re preparing yourself for Summer, it’s also time to think about how to prepare your car for Summer. With warmer temperatures during your morning commute to upcoming summer holidays and family vacations, you want to be sure you’re prepared—in case you’re stuck in a hot vehicle for any period of time due to an emergency or potential car trouble. Keep these essential items in your car should you need them:


Of course, this is a good idea to keep on hand all through the year but it is essential during the heat of the summer. Avoid getting dehydrated by having enough water for yourself and each of your passengers. Utilize reusable containers whenever possible so that they can be refilled often.


Keeping a flashlight in the center console or glove box is advisable. In the case that you experience trouble while driving at night, you’ll need light to see. Be sure to test and pack extra batteries before placing the flashlight in your car.

Jumper Cables

A dead battery can happen at any time and being equipped with jumper cables will allow you to restore your battery’s function until you can find a service center for replacement. In addition, if you see a stranded motorist, you can be of assistance.

Phone Charger

If it’s one thing that everyone has today, it’s a phone. In the unfortunate event of a breakdown or an accident, you want to be able to call for help. For added safety, pull over to the side of the road to make calls.


A rising or setting sun can easily impede your vision when you’re driving into the light. Packing two pairs of sunglasses is smart. Keep one pair to use while you walk around and take in the sights, and another to keep in your vehicle for driving.


You never know if you’ll be stuck behind a lengthy road closure due to an accident or stranded due to car troubles. Keep your vehicle stocked with non-perishable snacks such as dried fruit, granola bars, or nuts. These items can be stored in your vehicle for months at a time and will keep you satiated until you are able to reach a food establishment.

Insulated Cooler

Whether you’re taking a quick trip from the grocery store to your home or a weekend road trip out of town, you’ll want to make sure your perishable foods and drinks are kept at the correct temperature. Invest in an insulated cooler or insulated bags to keep these items safe for all trips.


Sunburns are painful not to mention dangerous to your skin. Protect your skin from the harsh UV rays that cause sunburns by having a fully stocked bottle of sunscreen in your car. Be sure to check the expiration date listed on the container and discard if it’s past the date.

First Aid Kit

Call 911 in the event of a true emergency but to treat minor ailments such as cuts and scratches, or headaches, keep a First Aid kit handy in the car. Ensure there are plenty of bandages, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers for all passengers.

Emergency Money

Keep a small amount of cash in an out of sight area in your car. You never know if you may wind up somewhere where only cash is accepted or if you need to tip a tow truck driver or purchase food or drink items from a vending machine.

Being prepared on the road means you can drive with the confidence of knowing you can take on anything that comes your way. Not only is it important to make sure these items are on board for your trip, but you’ll also need to make sure your car or truck is ready for those summer drives. Whether you’re planning on traveling for the summer or simply want to prepare your car for the warmer weather, be sure to stop by any of our valley Sun Devil Auto locations for a trip inspection. Our friendly technicians will inspect your vehicle’s components to ensure your vehicle is ready to hit the road.