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How To Keep Your Car’s Leather Seats From Cracking

With the summer heat coming, your main focus may be on keeping the inside of your vehicle cool while you are driving so that you are not sweating excessively. However, if your car has leather seats, then you also need to be mindful of the heat’s effect on the material. Too much sunlight can cause leather to crack and wear out prematurely. You do not want your beautiful seats to be damaged from a little heat, so take precautions to keep your interior leather in fine condition.

Park in the Shade When You Can

If you normally park in the driveway, then you may want to switch to using your home’s garage during the summer months. Your car spends a lot more time parked than on the road, so you want to ensure it is somewhere that it is not going to take on additional wear and tear. When you go to work or out to a store, try to find an area of the parking lot that is beneath a tree or other structure.


Crack Open a Window

In the event you cannot find any shade in a parking lot, you should leave the window slightly open. This helps equalize the air pressure within your vehicle. It also keeps the interior temperature lower so that your leather seats are not exposed to as much heat. This will also make your car more comfortable to return to so that you do not have to sit inside a scorching hot vehicle.

Use a Sun Shade

Another way to limit your leather seats’ exposure to summer heat is to put a sunshade in your windshield when you park somewhere in the open. You can find these items in many different stores. Many drivers are wary of them at first out of concerns that they will be too cumbersome. However, such a screen is actually quite easy to use. When you are driving, you can simply fold it up and place it in your backseat, so it is out of the way.

Clean Your Leather Seats Regularly

leather car seatMore than heat can do a number on leather. If dust and other materials are allowed to accumulate, then the damage can be greatly exacerbated. Every so often, you want to clean your seats. This should include vacuuming them to remove any dust. You can also wipe them down with a damp towel or use a professional-grade cleaner specifically designed for leather car seats. It is also worth it to invest in a leather conditioner, which will keep your leather looking as good as new.

Install Seat Covers

Seat covers will not only protect your seats from sunlight. They will also keep them cool so that when you return to your vehicle, you do not have to be worried about being burned on some hot leather. Many covers out there are made of cloth, so they do not absorb heat as much as leather.

Tint Your Windows

Before pursuing this course of action, you will want to check local ordinances in your area to make sure it is legal for you to have tinted windows. In the event it is permitted, then this can be a great way to limit the amount of sunlight entering your car. Window tinting will also give your car a nice custom appearance to make it stand out on the road.

While there are options for replacing leather seats if they ever get too badly damaged, prevention is always the preferable route to take. As long as you take care of your seats, they should be able to last for years without any problems. Be prepared for the upcoming summer season with some preventative action.