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How To Flush Car AC System

Driving around the Valley without air conditioning is miserable, especially since some summer days can reach blazing temperatures as high as 120 degrees. If your air conditioning system experiences the unfortunate circumstance of failure, you will want to have your system repaired properly so that you can keep your cool. 

One common cause of air conditioning troubles is compressor failure. When the compressor fails it sends shards of metal and plastic debris into the system. These bits and pieces of debris can be a detriment to the A/C system, blocking small passages and causing more damage to other components, and potentially destroying the new compressor.

An AC system flush is the best way to ensure debris is removed from the system.

What is a Car AC System Flush?

An A/C system flush is a necessary procedure to ensure the air conditioning system is clean and free from any contaminants. Any foreign objects in the AC system can cause blockages and prevent the compressor from operating efficiently. Even the smallest amount of foreign debris in the system can restrict the flow of refrigerants and oil.

Your vehicle’s engine needs oil to keep moving parts lubricated and to prevent failure. Similar to the engine, the air conditioning compressor, the only moving component within the system, requires oil to prevent failure. 

Oil travels throughout the system carried by the refrigerant and has direct contact with the condenser, accumulator, hoses, evaporator, and tubes. If any debris particles enter the system, all components are at risk for damage. Flushing the AC removes the contamination and protects vital A/C parts. 

Be sure to have the AC flushed if the system is contaminated or whenever the AC compressor is removed or replaced in your vehicle. How to flush car ac system

How To Flush A Car AC System

While performing an AC System flush can certainly be done by the DIYer, you may want to leave this one to the professionals. A/C compressor replacements are costly and by performing a flush yourself, you risk damaging the system and potentially causing even more damage, which will result in more money for repairs. 

How an Air Conditioning Flush is performed:

  1. A technician will connect the manifold gauges to the proper fittings. A specialized machine will begin to evacuate the system until the pressure drops to 0 psi. Once the pressure is reduced, the vehicle is ready for the next step.
  2. The technician will then remove the refrigerant hose from both the high and low sides of the condenser. Fresh fluid will be poured into the high-side inlet on the condenser. Subsequently, compressed air will be added to the high side, forcing dirty fluid from the outlet hole in the condenser, until all debris and contaminants are removed from the system. There are some condensers that have internal tubing that is unable to be flushed and instead must be replaced.
  3. The technician will then remove the mounting bracket that secures the accumulator as well as the orifice tube/expansion valve. Once removed, the technician will visually inspect the orifice tube/expansion valve for any debris or signs of damage and replace it as necessary.
  4. A new accumulator and orifice/expansion valve will be secured to the mounting bracket.
  5. Now that the system is free from debris and reassembled, the technician will need to reintroduce refrigerant into the system. Once the system is recharged to the acceptable specification and the correct pressure is set, the technician will remove the machine, replace caps onto each fitting, and continue to run the air conditioner for about 10 minutes to ensure refrigerant is able to circulate throughout the system.

Why Use an AC Expert?

Automotive technicians, especially at Sun Devil Auto, have the appropriate education and certifications to perform complicated AC services. On any given day, a Technician may perform 4 or 5 AC flushes versus the DIYer who may have little to no experience. 

Additionally, while DIY recharge kits purchased through auto parts stores may provide a temporary resolution, they are risky. If done improperly, you risk major damage to the system leading to costly repairs to reverse any damages. 

When your AC system is not blowing as cold as it should, it’s time for an inspection. Bring your vehicle to Sun Devil Auto where a certified Technician will visually inspect your A/C system and check for any leaks. In some cases, an evacuation and recharge will need to be performed to help locate any leaks that are not identified visually.

Once complete, the system will be checked to ensure it is cooling at the proper temperature. You deserve to be cool and comfortable as you drive whether the temperature is 90 or 120 degrees. Visit a Sun Devil Auto today to service your A/C system!