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How To Check If Your Tires Are Summer Ready

The weather has finally started to warm up, which means that the summer season will be here before you know it. No matter if you plan on staying in the area this season, or if you’re gearing up for a road trip, Sun Devil Auto is here to help you determine whether your vehicle’s tires are ready for the open road. We care about your safety, the following items will help you avoid issues that could have been avoided had you had the right information.


car tires into the highwayOne of the first things you should check on your tires is the tread. You want to have the proper amount of tread so that your tires can make the correct contact with the pavement. It used to be that you could take a penny turned so that Lincoln’s head is upside down if you saw half or less of Lincoln’s head after sliding it between the tread you were good to go. If you saw all of the head, you needed to have your tires checked.  With today’s tires and technology, your best bet is to have the tread tested with the appropriate tools. Having your tire’s tread checked by a reputable technician will assure you have the correct amount.


Besides the tread, you should also visually check your tires for general wear. Depending on whether you have a front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive, your front or rear wheels might wear down faster than the others. This is why you should have your tires rotated on a regular basis, generally every 8,000 miles or every other oil change. Even tire wear helps boost gas mileage and your general safety.

Along with improving general safety, a visual inspection of your tires tread can let you know if you have additional issues that need to be addressed. Uneven wear could be a sign your vehicle needs an alignment, new shocks, or simply the correct inflation amount.


Just like every other component of your car, your tires can wear away over the years. With tires, there’s a date code found on the sidewall that lets you know how old they are. In Arizona, tires tend to get dry and brittle due to dry, hot air.  Even if you drive a lot of miles, it may be necessary to replace them before the tread wear indicator.  Cracking and an inability to hold air are common indications that your tire is starting to age and needs to be replaced. Talk to one of our expert Service Writers about replacing your tires if they’re older than five years, or if you see any signs of aging. Waiting until complete tire failure could lead to a blowout or shredding, neither of which you want to deal with.

Enjoy every mile on the road this summer with the help of us here at Sun Devil Auto. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us whenever you’re ready; we suggest you do soon, as summer is almost here. We look forward to taking great care of you and your tires!