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How Often Should I Have My Brakes Checked?

Some of the individual elements of your vehicle’s brake system, such as the brake pads and rotors, are designed to wear out gradually over time. It is important for you to monitor how worn these parts are to ensure your brake system is performing at its optimum level. One of the easiest ways to do this is to take your car to a skilled technician for a complete brake inspection. But how often is this truly necessary?

When To Get Your Brakes Checked

Unfortunately, there is no precise time or mileage that we can say you will need to have your brakes inspected. That is because the wear on your brake pads and rotors depends on a handful of factors. Some systems will need inspection after 25,000 miles. Others will be fine going 75,000 or more. The trick is being aware of what your car is telling you and knowing when it is time to head over to the shop.

Signs You Should Check Brake Wear

There are some specific signs you can look for that indicate you should take your vehicle in to have its brakes serviced. This includes:

  • Worn brake pads – It may take a little effort, but you can often view the thickness of your brake pads by peering through the spokes of your wheel. If it is less than one-quarter inch thick, you should have them changed.
  • Sounds on braking – Listen for a high-pitched squeal from the sensor or grinding noises. Both indicate your brake pads are very much worn and need replacement.
  • Pulling – If your car pulls to one side on its own, especially when braking, one of your calipers may be stuck, you may have a collapsed brake hose, or your brake pads may be unevenly worn.
  • Vibrations – Warped rotors can cause vibrations to feed up through the brake pedal. You may also feel vibrations in the seat indicating rear brake vibration or in the steering wheel, indicating a front brake issue.

A Helpful Tip

Instead of waiting for a system component to fail enough for you to realize it, preventative maintenance should always be key. We recommend that every time you receive an oil change, have your brakes inspected at the same time.

You can take comfort in knowing that with the Sun Devil Auto oil change, our professional technicians inspect the brakes as part of our multi-point inspection, however, if you ever begin to experience troublesome signs that your brakes may need to be serviced, do not put off visiting us at Sun Devil Auto. It is always better and more cost effective to perform preventative maintenance than significant repairs. Set up an appointment with one of our locations s today to ensure your brakes are working properly.