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How Do I Know If I Should Replace My Windshield?

Did you know the windshield in your vehicle is the only piece of glass that provides structural support? It is secured to the framework of the car with a special type of urethane. This product provides both structural support and seals the windshield to prevent air and water leaks.

Your vehicle’s windshield is constructed with two pieces of glass bonded together with an inner layer of a specially engineered laminate. Most of the other glass in vehicles such as door windows, vent glass, and rear windows are made of a single piece of tempered glass.

If your vehicle has a crack that stretches across the length your windshield, it’s fairly certain your windshield should be replaced. In most cases, a chip or star break, resulting from rocks or debris hitting your windshield doesn’t necessarily require replacement. In fact, you may be able to have the slight crack repaired, or filled.

Most rock chips or stars in the windshield are able to be repaired by drilling through the outside of glass into the laminate layer at the epicenter of the crack. A uniquely formulated resin is then injected into the crack under pressure, filling the entire crack. Usually, the cracks become less noticeable and the resin keeps the crack from getting any larger. Typically, these types of small cracks can be repaired. However, there are exceptions, such as when the crack is in the driver’s line of sight or is larger than the size of a quarter. We suggest fixing a chip or crack within a week of an occurrence. Over time, dirt and other debris could seep into the crack affecting the ability to seal.

If it is determined that the chip or crack cannot be repaired, a windshield replacement will be recommended. Most windshield installations take about an hour and often can be done at your home or office.