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How Do I Find Out How Much a Large Auto Repair Will Cost?

Automobiles have a variety of systems that are sometimes linked together, which is one reason it can be hard to determine how extensive the problem is and how much it will cost. The ASE Certified technicians at Sun Devil Auto go to every length to ensure you have a complete quote of your large repair and that you fully understand what’s wrong with your vehicle. But how do we determine how much your repair will cost?

We Sit Down and Talk It Out

The very first thing we’ll do is take the opportunity to have you tell us what’s going wrong. While we have an abundance of knowledge on vehicles of all sorts, no one knows how your particular vehicle performs quite like you do. You might not understand how all of the systems under the hood work together, but you do know when your vehicle isn’t braking, accelerating, parking or shifting like it usually does.

We Look Deeper

Once we’ve talked to you, we might have to look deeper to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.  Doing so may involve some disassembly or taking a specific part out to get a better look at it. This process can take time but know it helps us identify the problem, to figure out what needs to be repaired and to determine how much the repair will most likely cost.

We Go Well Beyond the Basic Services

No matter how major or minor the repair, you and your car will be taken care of to your complete satisfaction. We offer deals and specials to help save you money, and we have 20 locations positioned across the Valley to save you time. Large repairs don’t always have to automatically come with a large bill, and that’s especially true when we’re on the job.

If you encounter a need for a large repair, we have many options to assist in financing the, sometimes, unexpected expenses associated with large repairs. Some of those options are available interest-free. Call our experts today and we’ll provide details on how we can help!