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How Can New Technology Affect My Car?

With wireless technology spreading at an almost dizzying rate, it can be tough to keep track of all the innovations. Computers are nothing new to the automotive world, but their influence is certainly much greater than in years past. With new technology making its way into our lives, it’s important to know how it affects our daily lives and how our privacy could potentially be impacted.

The reality is that any Internet-connected computer system can be manipulated by unauthorized users. Wireless systems are even more vulnerable for obvious reasons, but possibility and probability are very different things. While many newer vehicles can technically be “hacked,” it’s a decidedly complex endeavor with little apparent incentive.

Another important note is that while a car or truck’s computer may be accessible, they’re not necessarily interconnected within the vehicle. This means that a hacker who is able to gain access to a car’s audio system won’t automatically be able to activate the horn, lights or brakes, for example.

Given the current level of difficulty, as well as the lack of financial motivation, the hacking of modern vehicles is not said to be a widespread concern. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be conscious of general security measures. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for or driving a newer vehicle:

  • Do your homework. Always perform research and ask plenty of questions before investing in a new car. It’s important to know what types of security measures are in place to limit remote access and improper use of this feature.
  • Always seek out reputable service locations. For the reason described above (and many others), it’s always best to shop around for a quality full service auto repair shop to handle service and repairs.

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