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Hikes in Phoenix With the Best Views of the Valley

Man hikingMany Arizona residents enjoy hiking in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Fortunately for enthusiasts, there are plenty of trails and new sights to see. When it comes to the best hikes in Phoenix, everyone has their personal favorite. Whether you are just starting out or have been traversing mountains for years, here are some of the most incredible trails you need to see.

Waterfall Trail

This hiking trail is located in White Tank Mountain Regional Park. Entrance into the park is only $6, and once you are inside, you will see the exquisite beauty the Sonoran Desert has to offer. On some of the rock walls, you will see ancient petroglyph carvings. There are plenty of wide paths, and the total distance is only 1.8 miles. This trail is great for hikers looking for a relatively easy jaunt.

Tom’s Thumb

If you are looking for a view of Phoenix unlike anything you have seen before, then you need to traverse up Tom’s Thumb. This trail spans 3.7 miles, and once you reach the top, you will see a glorious view of Four Peaks and Phoenix. You also have a chance to witness Ogre’s Den, a beautiful, natural cave featuring various trinkets and art.

Deem Hills West

This is a relatively new hiking trail that opened in 2010. There are enough trails that even people well-versed in hiking in Phoenix will find something new. The main trail measures around six miles the entire way. However, there are shorter distances measuring between two and three miles if you want something easier.

Hidden Valley Via Mormon Trail

This is a steep trail that beginners should probably steer clear of, but if you are looking for a piece of nature you have never experienced before, then it is a must-see. There are numerous amazing rock formations and an abundance of desert flora to see. You can also try to make your way through Fat Man’s Pass.

Lookout Mountain Summit Trail

When you reach the topmost point of the Lookout Mountain Summit Trail, you will be greeted to a view like no other. You will get a bird’s-eye view of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. A great aspect of this trail is that it is often less crowded than other trails around Phoenix, so you will probably not have to fight for a great view.

Pinnacle Peak Trail

This path is always well-maintained, so you will not feel hampered in the slightest as you hike the 3.5-mile trail. Once you reach the top, you will get a beautiful panoramic view of the desert below. There are also all kinds of wildlife around the path.

Echo Canyon Trail

This hiking path is located on Camelback Mountain, and it is a popular destination for Arizona residents and tourists alike. The summit is one of the highest points in all of Arizona you can reach on just two feet. You will have a 360-degree view where you can see an array of foliage native to the state.

Piestewa Peak Summit Trail

This is another popular path. The top certainly offers a glorious view of Phoenix, but make sure you take in everything the trail itself has to offer on the way up. There are all kinds of wildflowers, ocotillo, and cacti along all of the paths.

Quartz Peak

This trail is definitely for experienced hikers. It takes nearly five hours to complete, so make sure you do not have anything else planned for the day before you attempt it. There is some climbing and bouldering involved, but the view at the top is phenomenal.

Siphon Draw Trail to Flatiron

Located in Lost Dutchman State Park, this is another path you should only try once all other hiking trails have become a walk in the park. Once you make it to the flat clearing at the top, you will see Western Arizona in all its glory. It is recommended to bring some food with you, so you will have enough energy for the descent.

These are widely regarded as the best hikes in Phoenix, but before you start your climbs, make sure your vehicle will be able to take you to the starting point. Technicians from Sun Devil Auto can examine your vehicle and answer any questions you have. With a reliable car by your side, you will be able to do so much more hiking in Phoenix and across the state.