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Great Phoenix Road Trips: Mt. Lemmon

You do not have to drive that far in order to find a wonderful spot in Arizona to spend the day. Mt. Lemmon is located just 29 miles north of Tucson. Head out first thing in the morning so that you can take part in all the fun amenities the region has to offer and you can be back in your own bed when evening hits.

Activities You Can Do at Mt. Lemmon

There is plenty you can do when you visit this historic site. One thing many people choose to do is to spend the night by camping out. Several campgrounds are offered to guests at varying elevations. This is the perfect way to get away from the city by surrounding yourself with magnificent pine trees and clean air. Some of the campsites even have beautiful views of Tucson, so you can overlook the city with a roaring campfire. Another excellent campsite is the one at Rose Canyon, which is located right by the lake. This makes it the perfect spot for anyone hoping to do some fishing during this little vacation.

Another popular activity in the region is to go hiking. With the numerous trails you can take, hiking is a great activity to involve yourself in during the hot summer months because the trails are usually cooler. It might be 100 degrees or higher in the valley, but on the trails, it can be 20 to 30 degrees cooler. The summit peaks at an elevation of 9000 feet. Make sure you head out to the trails early because parking is limited.

If you feel like doing a little rock climbing, then Mt. Lemmon is well-suited for that as well. You will be able to find areas to rock climb at virtually any elevation, making this the perfect spot for beginners and experts alike. You will also enjoy the fact that all the crags on the mountain are facing south, which generally makes them cooler than other areas. The busiest time for climbing season tends to be around May and the warmer summer months.

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Mt. Lemmon has something to offer to anyone who enjoys spending some time in the great outdoors. Load up your vehicle with camping or hiking gear and hit the road!