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Get Transmission Repair Where and When You Need It

Keeping your transmission in good working order is essential to your vehicle’s performance. Driving primarily in hot, dusty climates tends to put a strain on many important components in your automobile, so it is advisable to stay consistent with your maintenance routine. Getting the right care for your car or truck is made easy in the Valley when you call on Sun Devil Auto.

We offer everything from scheduled flush service to complete replacement. When you are experiencing transmission issues and are not sure what the cause may be, let us provide a free diagnosis. Our complimentary external check covers over a dozen key areas of your system to root out problems and help you understand what your vehicle needs for renewed performance.

Comprehensive Confidence

Our skilled ASE Certified technicians take a simple-but-thorough approach to diagnosing problems with your transmission. The detailed process includes the following essential checks and inspections, as well as others, all performed free of charge:

  • Transmission Fluid: Check that the fluid is clean, at correct levels, and that no leaks exist.
  • Cooling System: Inspect bordering components to rule out overheating risks.
  • Road and Engine Testing: Verify performance of engine and transmission operation.
  • Drive Shaft and Undercarriage: Ruling out possible unrelated component issues.
  • Engine Mount: Ensure solid mounting to rule out unwanted transmission movement.
  • Linkage and Differential: Verify integrity of parts and performance.
  • Transmission Pan: Remove the Transmission Pan to check for evidence of internal transmission damage.

Through our comprehensive review, our team can provide you with greater insight and recommendations to restore your vehicle’s transmission as necessary. In the event that your car or truck is already in need of major repairs and not drivable, we will even provide free towing to one of our shops in the Phoenix-Metro area*.

Service on Your Terms

At Sun Devil Auto, we are always ready to take action when your vehicle is in need. However, our policy is never to perform any service that is not first authorized by you. We operate in a business that is based on Honesty and Integrity, so we always guarantee all of our work in writing. We are also a family-owned, BBB accredited company, and we have proudly been serving drivers in the Valley since 1978.

When you need the premium service offered at the dealership without the premium pricing, Sun Devil Auto is here for you. Schedule an appointment online or over the phone. With 20 convenient locations throughout the Phoenix metro area, you are never far from exceptional automotive service.

*With major repair. See store for details.