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Get Ready to Have Your AC Inspected

For most of the country, air conditioning is a luxury that makes driving easier on the toughest, hottest days of the year. However, in the Southwest, it is an essential part of the driving experience. With summer temperatures and large rural areas, properly maintained climate control systems are a vital part of being an alert and conscientious driver. One of the best ways to keep your car’s AC functioning properly is to anticipate its upcoming maintenance needs, and the way to do that is through regular inspections.

Home Inspections

Looking your vehicle over at home is important, and checking for obvious issues with the air conditioning can be handled alongside other basic maintenance tasks like checking the lights and the oil. It’s a good idea to look everything over on a regular basis anyway, and a short visual inspection of the compressor will let you spot any leaks that could cause concern, allowing you to get the service you need as a preventative measure.

Annual Professional Inspections

Having a service professional inspect your AC system once a year is another key part of keeping it in working order. Air conditioning systems need to be recharged over time, even if no other maintenance concerns or repairs present themselves. While it is fairly easy to feel when this time is approaching as your AC weakens, an inspection will give you a better idea about how long you have before it will be necessary. It also provides you with an opportunity to have an expert eye look for any small repairs that might spread. Scheduling this inspection for mid-Spring will give you some room for scheduling if anything does come up, too.

Mid-Season Inspections

Every once in a while, it may become necessary to have a professional look things over in the middle of the hot season. This happens less frequently when annual inspections are scheduled and the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule is followed, but it does still happen. Driving conditions are unpredictable, and Arizona’s climate can demand a lot from the air conditioning system. Signs you might need a mid-season inspection include:

  • Weak or decreasing AC power
  • Leaking coolant
  • Blower motor noises

Whenever you notice these signs, it is important to get in right away for a follow-up. By doing this, you know exactly what needs to be done to keep your air conditioning working for you so that you can enjoy your drive.

Prepare your air conditioning before the thermometer begins to rise with the Sun Devil Auto’s Free Air Conditioning Performance Inspection. Each inspection includes:

  • Inspect system belts and hoses
  • Electronically test for leaks or contamination
  • Inspect system components for proper operation
  • Duct temperature efficiency measurement

Any additional services such as an evacuation and recharge are subject to additional charges.

Keeping cool in the summer heat can be easy. As with any other vehicle system, your maintenance plan is the key to enjoying your vehicle’s air conditioning for years to come.