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Effective Ways To Keep Your Car Cool in the AZ Summer Heat

The summer heat in Arizona can certainly be something to contend with, so you want to do what you can to maximize the coolness within your vehicle. There are multiple ways to accomplish this, and all of them are relatively easy. This helps to ensure that whether you are driving to work, running errands or heading out for a social event, you are able to keep cool the entire way.

Get the Most Out of Your Car’s Air Conditioning

If you are wondering about how to make car AC colder, you are going to be happy to learn there are a few things you can do. First, get the hot air pushed out of your vehicle by taking advantage of the outside air mode on your vehicle’s controls. Roll all of your windows down completely and then turn this mode on for approximately two minutes. After this time, simply roll the windows back up and adjust your air conditioning to your usual settings.

Another thing you want to do is make sure that your air conditioning system is working effectively. Have the system inspected and ensure that the refrigerant is at an acceptable level. This ensures that you are getting the coldest air when you are using your AC.

Park in the Shade When You Can

While this is not always possible, you should try to park in the shade when you can. This prevents the sun from beating down on your vehicle, reducing how hot it becomes while it is sitting. When you are out somewhere, look for covered parking structures or trees to give your car some cover. If you do not have trees or a garage at home, consider a carport to park under. When shady areas are unavailable, place a sunshade in the windshield for some protection.


Ventilate Your Vehicle

Ventilation will help to make sure that air is moving throughout your vehicle when it is parked. You can crack the windows and make sure that your air vents are all set to the open position. Of course, if precipitation is expected, you want to avoid this unless you have rain guards to stop the water from getting in when your windows are cracked.

Consider a Cooling Seat Cover

When looking into how to cool down a car interior, a cooling seat cover could be beneficial. There are a variety of options, but most of them are either crystal-infused or gel-infused. They provide a barrier between the seat and your body, which is helpful for all vehicle seats but especially those made of leather. They also help to keep your body cool while you are driving.

Allow Your Car a Few Minutes To Cool Down Before Getting In

How long does it take a car to cool down? If you have good air conditioning, you can start to cool your car in a matter of minutes. You can start your vehicle and put the air conditioning on the highest setting, close the doors and then give it about five minutes to bring the temperature down. This option is even more convenient if you have a remote starter.

Pick Up a Solar-Powered Fan

Stopping too much hot air from accumulating in your vehicle is going to help to keep it cool. A fan that is solar powered helps to ensure constant air circulation to reduce the overall temperature of your vehicle’s interior. These are simple to put into place and operate, making them both an effective and convenient option.

Cover Your Steering Wheel With a Towel

It is not uncommon to slide into the driver’s seat, put your hands on the steering wheel and yank them away due to the wheel being too hot to touch. When looking into how to cool down your car, make sure to think of this component. All you need is a light-colored towel that you can place over the wheel whenever you are parked to prevent it from getting too hot. To keep it in place, you might consider oversized clothes pins to place on the ten and two positions of your steering wheel.

You can see that keeping your car cool in the summer heat is something you can certainly accomplish. It is best to utilize multiple methods so that the temperature in your vehicle is constantly comfortable no matter what the outside temperature rises to.