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Does Window Tinting Really Work?

During Arizona’s hot summer months, the heat can become almost unbearable, especially in your car. Car windows and windshields are designed to give drivers and passengers a view of the road and scenery, but, unfortunately, they also expose your vehicle to extreme heat and UV rays. On warm summer days, the heat filtering through your windows can make traveling in your car uncomfortable.

Although you can use a sun shield and park in shaded spots, it may be a good idea to tint your vehicle’s windows to reduce the heat. Window tinting also allows for a certain degree of privacy and can minimize the need for sunglasses while driving.

High-Performance Heat Reduction

Thanks to advancements in technology and manufacturing, window tinting can reflect up to 60% of the sun’s UV rays, making your vehicle’s interior that much cooler. In fact, window tinting is now designed to block the thermal rays that cause heat, so you can minimize the heat without losing too much natural light from the sun.

Thankfully, improvements in window tinting have also made it possible to limit the amount of heat in your car without any unsightly blemishes on your windows. The high-performance window film we install is covered by a lifetime warranty against peeling, bubbling and changing color.

Protect Your Interior

Without window tinting, your car interior could be vulnerable to sun damage as well; interior upholstery can fade and plastic can eventually melt. By protecting your car’s interior from sun damage, you can help ensure that your vehicle will hold its value.

Reduce Glare

Although heat protection is usually the primary reason for window tinting, it also aids in safe driving. Window tinting provides protection from the sun’s glare, especially during rush hour.

Give Your Car a New Look

Besides protecting your vehicle from the heat, many drivers like the appearance of tinted windows. Changing the color of your windows can distinguish your car from others on the road, giving your vehicle a more stylish and personalized look. Whether your car is black, white or any other color, tinted windows can give your car a new look.

Trust the Professionals

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