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Do You Need a Winter Emergency Car Kit?

Driving in winter comes with a unique set of risks that you may not encounter during other seasons. If you live in an area where there will be snow or sleet, the likelihood of accidents may increase with the arrival of inclement weather. If you are venturing out to “hit the slopes” or another vacation spot for the weekend, it is a good idea to consider some safety precautions before your trip. In addition to driving safely, getting a winter emergency car kit is one way to proactively help protect yourself from the elements in the event of an emergency. Essentials such as an ice scraper, warm clothes and hand warmers can keep you safe.

Other Supplies That Should Be Included

How would a winter emergency kit help if you get in an accident or end up stranded? Different kits come with various contents, but many kits include a few supplies for situations where you may be at risk of freezing. This might occur if you get stranded or if your car becomes submerged in a body of water. Your kit should include a blanket for such a situation. Being left without assistance for a prolonged period is another risk that should be accounted for. Water and nonperishable foods should be included in the kit in case you are unable to reach help immediately.

How to Determine Whether You Need One

You may not think that Arizona calls for extensive winter preparation, but many of the items in a winter emergency car kit are helpful for a range of situations. A standard kit may include flares, booster cables, flat tire fixer, first aid and flashlights. These supplies are great provisions to have in any emergency situation regardless of what season it might be. If you happen to travel outside of your usual climate, too, these supplies can offer life-saving assistance if a disaster strikes. There are many scenarios where the contents of a kit are helpful and necessary.

Staying Safe in Every Situation

Preparedness is the key to safety. When you are proactive in preventing accidents, you can minimize the likelihood of a disaster, but it is always wise to be prepared for the unexpected. In addition to taking preventative measures such as packing a winter emergency car kit, you can stay safe by being attentive to your car and its needs. If you want to arrange routine maintenance and ensure that it is safe to drive in winter weather, schedule an appointment with a certified technician at a Sun Devil Auto service center.