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Do High Performance Shocks and Struts Save Tire Wear?

People often look for ways to make their possessions last as long as possible. When it comes to a car, people perform regular oil changes, check tire pressure and fill it with the appropriate gas to ensure that their vehicle stays in good condition for a longer time. Sometimes, investing in high-quality products to put into your vehicle can help reduce wear and tear and potentially increase the longevity of your vehicle. New tires are typically one of the more costly repairs that cars occasionally need, but, because new tires can be so expensive, you may want to look for ways to keep them from wearing so quickly. A High-Performance shock absorber or strut system might be able to help you do just that.

High-Performance Shocks

In order to understand if high-performance shocks can reduce tire wear, you first have to understand what a shock is. A shock absorber, commonly referred to as a shock, helps eliminate the bouncing of a vehicle’s tire on the surface of the road. This can increase the handling, stability, and drivability of a vehicle, while also providing a smoother ride over rougher terrains.

Certain shocks are rated as higher performance. A high-performance shock absorber will be able to work better on rough terrains. High-performance shocks are also commonly made from high-quality material that will usually outlast lower-grade shocks.

Shocks and Tires

What happens when your shocks are worn out or are not of the highest quality? When shocks get worn out, your vehicle starts to handle poorly. This can result in a number of different situations. Often, low-quality or worn shocks lead to uneven wear on tires. High-quality shocks can lead to more even wear, but not necessarily less overall wear. However, if you have shocks that are not doing their job, then you will notice more wear over less time.

When tires are worn unevenly, your vehicle loses its ability to gain traction. The vehicle may also start to pull in one direction. You want to make sure to replace your tires if they are unevenly worn, bald, or if the tread is too low.

Increasing Performance

Your shocks affect your vehicle’s drivability. Having the proper shock absorber system helps your tires to wear evenly, thus, last longer. The real mission of a shock absorber is not to increase tire life, but to increase how your vehicle handles including reducing stopping distance. You increase your vehicle’s performance by making sure that you properly maintain your vehicle and replace any worn parts.