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Cutting Down Your Car Repair Bill

Like all machines, cars require regular maintenance to function properly and may even need occasional repairs. While you should expect to have expenses related to car maintenance, you may be able to control some of those costs, which can amount to sizable savings over time. Sun Devil Auto has great suggestions to help you take the bite out of car repair bills.

Driving Habits

You may not believe it, but your driving does impact the wear and tear on your vehicle. Take a look at your habits. Do you drive aggressively? Are you fast on the gas and hard on the brakes? Some of these driving behaviors can wear down brakes and tires prematurely. Try to accelerate evenly and allow enough room between you and the car in front to safely stop.

Some vehicles are more likely to need repairs, especially if they are older models, are oversized or heavy, have high mileage, or have had modifications from the factory design. Cars may be designed to last for many miles, but taking care of them, with regular maintenance, is part of that design.

Learn to Love Your Routine

Inquire with your service provider about routine maintenance for your vehicle. Regular maintenance does involve more than an oil change, and your service provider can help provide guidelines for you to keep your car in good condition. With routine care, your mechanic can identify potential issues or make minor adjustments before they snowball into costly repairs.

Shop Around

Did you know that even if your vehicle is under the Manufacturer’s warranty, you can use any mechanic or repair shop to perform routine maintenance? Car owners may not be aware that they are not required to have services performed at the dealership, which can be costly. Though the manufacturer is where you should seek help for recalls or repairs covered under the original warranty, it is completely acceptable to utilize an auto repair and maintenance center to perform all maintenance and aftermarket warranty repairs. When you get a quote for repairs, consider getting a second opinion from another shop. You can save even more by going to a Sun Devil Auto service center with skilled technicians and competitive pricing. We provide scheduled maintenance as well as major repair work at any of our 20 locations. We even offer vehicle service contracts to help you save money on routine upkeep. See what Sun Devil Auto can do for your car and your bottom line.