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Car Paint Protection: Your Ultimate Guide

The summer season is hard on everyone from pets to people and even cars. While you have a choice to slather on sunblock or you and Fido hide in your home away from the sun, cars aren’t always so lucky. 

The harmful UV rays of the sun can oxidize car paint and give it a dull, dated look especially when left outside for an extended time. With summer in full swing, it’s important to make sure you’re protecting your vehicle. 

How To Protect Car Paint from the Sun

By now you know how important maintenance is to extend the life of your vehicle. One thing that is often overlooked is the car’s exterior paint. Your car may be well cared for on the inside, but the outside matters too! Scratched Car Paint

Many hazards both on and off the road can affect your car’s paint which can have an adverse effect on appearance as well as overall resale value. There are things you can do to help shield your car from the big ball of fire in the sky.

  • Use a car cover
  • Park in a garage or under a carport
  • Use UV protectants on black plastic areas of your car
  • Wash and wax the exterior often
  • Apply ceramic coating or car paint protection spray to the exterior

Many vehicles today come from the manufacturer with a clear coat protection that is applied to the car’s paint. The clear coat is a finish that is made of clear resin and is applied over the vehicle’s paint. Clear-coat gives the paint a vivid and bright appearance while also protecting against dangers of the environment, to extend the life of the paint, by preventing fading.  

As mighty as a clear coat is, it isn’t the ultimate in protection. Your vehicle can still suffer damages from exposure to the sun. You’ll still want to shield your car from harmful UV rays as often as possible and occasionally wax the exterior to protect the paint. 

Does Car Wax Protect Paint?

Washing and waxing your car are two of the best ways to keep your car’s paint job shiny and new looking. 

In the summer, it’s best to wash your car out of direct sunlight and avoid washing your car in the hottest part of the day. Begin by hosing off areas that are particularly dirty with dirt, bugs, or other grime. Using a soft cloth or sponge, wash the car. Rinse thoroughly to ensure no residue from cleansers remain. 

For the ultimate in-car paint protection, have the exterior of your vehicle waxed often. Wax helps to form a protective barrier around the exterior of your car protecting the paint from damage from the sun and preventing water spots from forming and leaving behind dirt and other contaminants.

For the best protection, your car should be waxed every three months. Wax can be applied at home or by professionals at your favorite car wash center. 

A hand wax job either by a professional or yourself is much more effective than the wax that is applied during an automatic car wash. The wax that is applied through a car wash provides minimal protection for a short period of time while hand waxing provides long-term protection.

Best Way To Protect Your Car’s Paint

Frequent car washes and waxes are the most common ways of how to protect car paint from the sun’s harmful rays.

For even stronger and superior protection, especially for luxury vehicles, consider having car paint protection coating like a sealant or car paint protection film also known as a clear bra, applied to your vehicle’s exterior. 

Sealants offer longer protection and durability. This is because sealants contain polymers that give the car’s paint a smooth and slick feel that wax can’t.

Many kinds of sealant exist, and each offers its own kind of protection and features. Read labels and research which product is best for your vehicle and your environment. 

Automotive paint protection film is a clear, urethane material that is lightweight and transparent, similar to plastic. However, it differs from plastic as its pliable and impervious to cracks, rips, or tears and has a high resistance to impacts, corrosion, and scuffs.

Protection film is also exceedingly flexible and keeps your car looking better for a longer period. Though they are the best way to protect the exterior of your car for a significant amount of time, clear bra applications are costly and can only be installed by professional detailers.