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Car Decoration Ideas for the Holidays

Christmas lights dazzle the exterior of your home, the inside is filled with holiday cheer as the tree twinkles and sparkles with its lights and ornaments. Decorating your home for the holidays is great fun but what about your car? Why not spread cheer while you’re traveling down I-10?

In the past, decorating cars for the holidays was reserved for those participating in holiday parades, but within the last few years decorating cars for the holidays has become more popular. From reindeer ears and wreaths to lights and music, there are all kinds of fun ways to share your love of the season on the road. Here are some of our favorite holiday car decoration ideas to get you started:

Top It Off

Holiday antenna toppers come in a variety of styles from cute Santa faces to snowmen with top hats, simply place the antenna topper with the standardized hole on top of your vehicle’s antenna. Instant holiday cheer!

Stick Out

Reflective stick on holiday magnets are another quick and easy way to decorate your car with minimal effort. These water-resistant magnets are strong enough that they won’t slide or detach all the while being gentle to your vehicle’s exterior paint. Installation takes seconds! Simply attach magnets to any metallic area of your car and you’re ready to go. When the holidays are over, removing the magnets is just as easy to remove and store for next year.

Dress Up

You can’t go wrong with the classic Rudolph Reindeer Car Kit that includes antlers that attach to windows and a nose that gets attached to the front grill. Upgraded models may also include a tail to stick out the back of the trunk for the full reindeer effect. Now Rudolph can guide your sleigh tonight!

Up On the Rooftop

Why drive to the forest to pick out a tree when you can drive your tree to the forest? The Christmas Car Tree is a Christmas tree made for your car that even lights up! Equipped with 70 LED lights, your car and your holiday spirit will shine brightly as you travel down the road. This unique tree comes with everything you need to safely and securely fasten the tree to the roof of your car. All included accessories are designed to prevent the tree from sliding or falling out of place. Once secure, plug the power cord into your charger or cigarette lighter. 

Hang Out

Looking to add some whimsy to your décor this season? Elf “legs” that dangle from your trunk give the appearance that you’ve trapped one of Santa’s helpers and are taking him for a ride. While this decoration may win you a spot on the naughty list, you’re sure to get a few laughs along the way.

Wipe Right

Wipertags are the cutest and funniest way to spread cheer. Choose your favorite holiday character such as The Grinch, Buddy the Elf, and even Clark Griswold or other holiday movie favorites along with other seasonal options such as candy canes, Santa, or a holiday message. When the rain or snow comes down and your rear windshield wiper is in use. These wiper tags give the appearance that the character is waving to the car behind you. Wipertags have hundreds of designs that you can decorate your car with beyond the holidays! Use all through the year for fun and laughs. 

Get Lit

Illuminate your car with Lumisign’s Color License Plate Frame. This clever sign lights up with the tap of the brakes! Best of all, the light is powered by 2-AA batteries. Installation is super easy with the use of a screwdriver. The light is smartly designed so that it does not impede view of your vehicle’s license plate, has three brightness modes, and is weatherproof. Now that’s making spirits bright!

Holiday car decorations are a fun way to celebrate the holidays whether you’re cruising to work or taking the family to Grandma’s house for the holidays. Joy for the season displayed on your car may just bring a smile to someone’s face and that is truly the best way to spread Christmas cheer.