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Sun Devil Auto Offers Financing on Auto Repairs

At Sun Devil Auto, we understand that car troubles are stressful and figuring out how to budget for them can be even more stress inducing. Auto repairs can range in price from less than one hundred dollars up into the thousands. Most of the time, repairs are unexpected and don’t come at a convenient time.

Our desire at Sun Devil Auto is to help ease the anxieties that are associated with auto repairs and their accompanying costs in the Phoenix, AZ metro. That’s why we offer a wide-range of auto repair finance programs for customers.

While many shops may offer a standard credit card option for customers, we at Sun Devil Auto have two options for our customers to fit their budget. Each option can be used individually or together as needed. We’re here to help you get back on the road while keeping your budget in mind.

Auto Repair Financing Programs

Whether you have an excellent credit score or little to no credit, we have options to work with your financial situation. We know you work hard for your money and you have other bills to pay. Many of our financing options work on a payment schedule you prefer. This makes fitting the cost of repairs into your budget much easier and ensures you’ll still be able to get to work or school in reliable transportation.

Auto repair financing is easy when you’re with Sun Devil Auto. Our Store Managers can guide you through the process or you can apply for credit before you visit a service center. Sun Devil Auto proudly offers:

  • Synchrony Car Care Card – A no-annual fee credit card accepted at all Sun Devil Auto locations and many gas stations. Approval is based on credit score. Credit is issued with a minimum credit line of $400 and a maximum approval of $3500. Synchrony offers 0% interest for 90 days on purchases less than $200, 6 months for purchases of $200 up to $750, and 1-year no interest on purchases over $750, to those who qualify.
  • Sunbit – Flexible short-term loan option that allows purchasers to split repair costs with interest into multiple payments on terms you choose. Choose 3, 6, or 12 month terms at a fixed rate. Approval is based on a “soft credit check,” meaning applying won’t affect your credit score (credit score is only affected upon transaction). All that is needed to apply is a state-issued driver’s license, an email address, and a bank-issued debit card.

Example Payments for Repair Bill

When searching for auto repair shops that finance, you need to understand what your options are. Here’s what your payment options may be with each option if your repair came to $400:

Synchrony Car Car Card Example – Charge all $400. Pay just $67 per month for six months and take advantage of 0% interest!

Sunbit Financing Example – On a $400 approval and choosing a 3-month term with 10% interest, pay just $147 per month for three months.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Repair Financing

Q: What services qualify for financing?

A: Whether you purchase an oil change for less than $50 or a major repair such as an engine replacement that could cost thousands, all purchases qualify for financing from Synchrony’s Car Care One Card and Sunbit.

Q: What is the maximum amount of financing?

A: The amount of credit that is extended to purchasers is based on each individual’s credit history and the creditor’s terms and conditions. While some creditors may lend up to $3500, it’s best to apply for the option that best fits your financial needs.

Q: Do I need to have a good credit score?

A: Everyone has different financial situations, and no one understands that more than Sun Devil Auto. That’s why we offer financing options. Sunbit offers credit to those with less than perfect credit scores, so matter your financial situation, we can help ease your auto repair financing concerns.