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Are New Cars Too Complicated for DIY Repair and Maintenance?

Technology can serve to make life easier in many ways: at home, on the job, and even on the road. As automobiles have become increasingly complex, so too have repairs and maintenance work. Even at a time when the do-it-yourself mentality is at an all-time high, it’s becoming evident that performing one’s own auto work may prove more difficult than anticipated.

Cars and trucks are still powered by fuel, gears, and motors, but these core systems are increasingly controlled by sophisticated computers and software. This means that diagnosing and addressing issues is often more difficult, perhaps even too challenging to be performed by those who do not possess the necessary expertise and knowledge.

The Hard Reality of Software

Computer technology has advanced rapidly in recent decades and is now integrated into almost everything from cell phones to refrigerators. Automobiles are no exception, utilizing onboard computers for everything from fuel control systems to self-driving features for improved safety and convenience. However, this can increase the complexity of a vehicle.

In days past, home mechanics could reasonably evaluate their work simply by taking a test drive following their repairs. However, these days, it can often be difficult to know whether high-tech systems have been affected in such a way that driving performance could be impacted. Calculations and calibrations are often very detailed and precise, and even small discrepancies can affect operation, highlighting the importance of proper training for technicians.

ASE Advantage

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is a nonprofit group which sets forth standards and evaluates auto technicians to ensure competency in their field. In order to earn ASE certification, professionals must possess at least two years of on-the-job experience or a two-year automotive repair degree plus one year of job training.

More importantly, all technicians must be retested every five years in order to ensure that they are knowledgeable and properly prepared to service modern vehicles and their computer technology. This is precisely why Sun Devil Auto employs ASE certified technicians. We know it takes an ongoing education and a thirst for knowledge to stay current with today’s rapidly-changing auto industry.

Confidence and Convenience

We know you love your car, so it’s natural to possibly have an urge to tackle repairs with your own two hands. However, the reality is that as vehicles become more complex, it makes more sense to entrust your car or truck to those who know vehicles’ inner workings best. Sun Devil Auto offers 20 convenient locations throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area so you never have to choose between great service and great value.