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A Clean Car is a Happy Car

A happy car is one that runs well at all times, and keeping the car clean may help to ensure that happens. The following are some tips on how to keep the exterior, interior and engine compartment of your vehicle clean.

Interior Cleaning

  • Keep food outside. Drink your coffee at home or in the office. Keep fast food in the package until you arrive at your destination. Give the kids a snack at rest stops when they get out of the car to stretch.
  • Whatever goes in must go out. Anytime you put something into the car, it should be taken out of the car when you arrive at your destination.
  • Vacuum the vehicle frequently. Dust and dirt seem to naturally find their way into the vehicle on shoes, clothes, sports equipment and even through the air. Taking the time once a week to run a vacuum over the seats and floors will help to eliminate too much buildup.
  • Wipe it down. Each week when you vacuum, follow up with a warm, damp towel and some interior car cleaner on the doors, dash, and control center.

Exterior Cleaning

  • Be prompt. Any time your car has been up in the mountains, out in the rain or along dirt roads, it is important to promptly wash the exterior to sustain the life of the paint and trim.
  • Begin with clean tools. Before you clean your car, ensure that the buckets and towels you are using are already clean. Dry it yourself. Use a dry buffing rag, such as a chamois, to dry the car yourself after it has been thoroughly cleaned. This ensures that you don’t end up with any water spots on your newly cleaned car.

Engine Compartment Cleaning

  • When done correctly, having the engine compartment cleaned can be very beneficial to your vehicle.
  • Cleaning the engine compartment requires a high level of care, and should be done by a trained professional.
  • Sun Devil Auto offers a steam clean service for your engine – that way you don’t have to worry about cleaning the complex parts of your engine!

A clean car truly is a happy car, and a happy car makes for a happy owner. Keep the interior, exterior and engine compartment of your car clean to ensure maximum performance at all times. Contact Sun Devil Auto today for more tips and tricks.