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8 Easy Ways to Save Money on Gas

Gas can be a major drain on your budget. Here at Sun Devil Auto, we want to help you get the most out of your car for a fair price. Use these eight gas-related tips to save money at the pump.

  1. Drive Smoothly
    A quick acceleration can waste gas. By slowly pulling away from a green light you can save about 30 percent in gasoline consumption depending on the type of vehicle you drive.
  1. Use Cruise Control
    Going a steady speed on the highway helps you save money. It decreases the chance you’ll have to slow down or speed up, and it keeps the drag on your car constant.
  1. Slow Down
    Fuel efficiency decreases quickly when reaching over 60 MPH. The higher the RPMs (rotations per minute), the more fuel your vehicle demands. Reducing your speed on the road can help save you money by less to the pump.
  1. Lighten the Load
    Driving around with unnecessary extra weight can waste a lot of gas. Every 250 pounds decreases the distance you’ll be able to travel on your tank of gas. You shouldn’t make it a habit to drive around with your at-home gym in the trunk.
  1. Find an App
    This is a technology filled age. You can find an app that will help you locate the lowest gas prices near you. GasBuddy, Gas Guru, and MapQuest Gas Prices are some of the best apps available for this task right now.
  1. Avoid Idling
    It might seem like idling uses less gas than turning your car off and on again, but in reality, if you’re going to be sitting still for more than a couple of minutes, you should turn your car off. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should turn your car off at a light you know will take a while.
  1. Replace Your Fuel Filters
    Most modern vehicles no longer have fuel filters, however, an old fuel filter can make acceleration harder for a vehicle and keeps clean gas from getting to the engine where it’s needed. Regularly replacing your fuel filters is a great way to save money on gas.
  1. Do the Right Maintenance
    All of the components of your vehicle have to be able to work together for it to run efficiently. Doing proper maintenance can help assure your car runs smoothly. The most recommended method to help save money on gas is to have a Fuel System Service performed on your vehicle every 30,000 miles. A fuel system service includes cleaning the fuel system, fuel injectors, and removing deposits from intake valves. Deposits in these areas can reduce fuel economy as they occur from burning gasoline and need to be removed on a regular basis. Other vehicle maintenance, such as keeping your tires properly filled and replacing spark plugs can help you save gas as well.

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