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7 Ways to Prevent a Vehicle Break-In

breaking into a carBreak-ins can occur anywhere. Whether you are in a quiet suburb or a bustling city street, leaving your car unattended for any period of time puts you at risk of someone breaking into your vehicle and taking your belongings. Make your car less of a target by following a few key practices that will ward off criminals.

  1. Always Lock Doors
    Even if you are just running inside a store for a minute, you want to lock all your doors. You never know who might be watching you and noticing that you neglected to lock your vehicle. An unlocked car is a prime target because a thief can effortlessly open the doors and take anything you have inside.
  1. Leave Valuables Out of View
    Thieves often look for easy targets that offer big payouts. If you are running errands, it can be easy to leave something you just purchased in plain sight, such as on the passenger-side seat. However, you want to keep everything out of view. If a potential thief looks inside and does not see anything, then he or she is likely not going to bother with your vehicle.
  1. Turn Off Car When Exiting
    You would be surprised how many people leave their cars running to warm them up before hitting the road. A running, unattended car is perfect for would-be thieves. Additionally, you may lose more than just a few possessions. A thief could drive off the lot with your car.
  1. Park in a Busy Area
    A car by itself is a lot more attractive to thieves than a vehicle in a busy parking lot. If you can, try to park in areas with a lot of foot traffic and ample lighting. Thieves will be a lot less likely to target your car if they think they are being watched.
  1. Install an Alarm
    Drivers without a car alarm system should really look into getting one. A thief attempting to get in your car is more likely to run away if a lot of attention is being drawn to the vehicle.
  1. Tint Windows
    Window tinting is typically done for the aesthetic. However, it also provides a practical benefit. When people are unable to see inside your car, they are less inclined to break in just to see if you have anything worth taking.
  1. Close Windows Entirely
    Windows and sunroofs should be shut completely before you leave your vehicle. Even a tiny gap is enough for thieves to easily break in and steal whatever they can. Additionally, your windows may need to be closed anyway in order for your alarm system to work properly.

Car break-ins are a lot more common than you might think. It is estimated that there are 1.85 million thefts every year, resulting in more than $1.2 billion lost in stolen property. If you do not want to be a part of those statistics, you need to take the proper measures. A few simple precautions are all that is necessary to have peace of mind any time you leave your vehicle.