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6 Things You Can Do to Take Care of Your Car

Your car or truck can be one of your biggest assets – that’s why it’s important to keep it in top shape. A vehicle that is well-cared for is more likely to have a longer life expectancy than a vehicle that is not properly attended to. To make sure your vehicle always performs its best, here are five things you should do on a regular basis.

  1. Regular Cleaning
    First, it’s important to keep your car clean, inside and out. For most people, monthly cleanings work best, but if you transport pets or small children, you might want to make your cleanings more frequent. You take more pride in your car when it’s clean and, over time, a dirty car can attract buildup that can be damaging your car.Keeping your car interior clean also leads to a higher resale value, because few things are more off-putting to a potential buyer than a vehicle littered with last week’s fries. Buyers are much more attracted to vehicles that are kept clean and tidy.
  1. Check and Rotate Your Tires
    Every 7,500 miles or so, use a gauge to check your tire pressure. Your vehicle’s computer may notify you when your tire pressure is low, but you should also check on your own – as it’s an easy item to check and remedy. Also, it’s important to get your tires rotated regularly so that they wear evenly. Keep in mind that the cost of having your tires rotated is significantly less than having your tires replaced, and by rotating your tires you won’t need to replace them as often.
  1. Check for Bad Light Bulbs
    It can be difficult—and sometimes nearly impossible—to drive at night with a bad or dim headlight. Do yourself a favor by having bad headlights and brake lights replaced as soon as you notice them.
  1. Clean Your Mirrors
    Foggy or dirty rearview and side view mirrors can make it difficult to see while you’re on the road. Make sure they’re clean so you can always have a clear line of sight.
  1. Keep Your Car Shaded
    In the hot Phoenix sun, it’s especially important to protect your car from sun damage, which can cause faded exterior paint, interior damage, and melted interior plastics. For the sake of comfort and to protect your car, find shaded parking spots and use a sunshade whenever you can.
  1. Keep Up with Fluid Replacements
    Make sure that your vehicle’s fluids are topped off. Fluids that should be maintained include engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and coolant.

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