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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Commute Home From Work

woman driving happyHow long is your commute? Depending on how far away from work you live, it could easily be 30 minutes. Some people have commutes over an hour long. If you feel like you are spending too much time in the car every day, here are some ways to set your mind more at ease.

  1. Do Something You Enjoy
    A big reason why people get annoyed with commutes is they view the trip as a waste of time. Instead of just sitting in traffic, do something productive so that the time just flies by. You are limited to what you can do to an extent, but you can listen to your favorite podcast while you are driving. You can also get some audio books of novels you have been meaning to read.
  1. Meditate
    For people who constantly feel stressed, a commute can be an excellent time to unplug and unwind a little. Do not spend time in your vehicle worried about what is going to happen at work. Focus on your emotions. Take deep breaths to calm yourself down if you feel anxious. Finally, you can listen to classical music. Research has shown that classical music is much better at calming people down than other genres. You can tune into KBAQ 89.5 FM or KBMH 90.3 FM to hear some classical songs.
  1. Take In Some of That Arizona Scenery
    If you live in the city, you may not take time all that often to truly appreciate all the wonders that exist around Arizona. There are numerous mountain ranges around the state, so for you, commuters who drive across long stretches of highway, take some time to enjoy nature. One of the most glorious things to do if you drive back home at the right time is to check out the sunset across Camelback Mountain. Just be sure to keep your eyes focused on the road.
  1. Destress When You Get Back Home
    After a hard day at work, a commute may be the last thing you want to do. When you get back home, you may not feel like doing much right away, and that is OK. Tell your family or roommates that you need a little time to relax once you get home from work. Watching a little television or going for a jog could be exactly what you need to recharge.
  1. Find Commute Alternatives
    If you still are not happy with your commute, try to change it in some way. If you have the option to do so, try leaving 30 minutes later or earlier to avoid most of the traffic. You can also consider biking to work a couple days out of the week if your workplace is close enough. Finally, think about utilizing public transportation. Taking the bus gives you a chance to unwind and get more things done.

A daily commute should not add more stress to your life. You work hard enough as it is. However, by being mindful of your mental well-being, you can find solutions to make your commute so much better.