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5 Ways to Be a Safer Driver

All drivers like to assume they are safe drivers. However, there are probably certain things you do on the road that pose a threat to others or are just annoying to your fellow drivers. Examine your driving habits to identify areas of improvement so that you can share the road amicably with everyone else.

  1. Drive With Confidence Instead of Aggression
    Most people could be described as aggressive drivers instead of confident ones. Aggressive drivers are those individuals who unexpectedly merge into another lane without giving the other drivers any kind of warning. One way to increase your confidence on the road is to fully know your route. If you know precisely which exits to take, then you can give yourself plenty of time to merge into the appropriate lane without ruining someone’s day by cutting him or her off.
  1. Eliminate Distractions
    Your full attention should be on the road as you are driving. You should know by now to avoid using your cell phone. You should never call or text while you are driving. Additionally, you should avoid eating while driving. Many people eat on the road because they think it saves time. However, when one of your hands has a burger in it, you are unable to react as well in the event road conditions change.
  1. Distance Yourself From Unsafe Drivers
    Be cognizant of how other drivers are behaving on the road. This is especially prudent if you notice a vehicle swerving all over the place. It could be a sign of a drunk driver, so you want to have plenty of space between you and the other car. The same holds true if you see other people on their cell phones.
  1. Be Civil on the Road
    Driving can be tricky, particularly if you are driving in rush hour traffic where everyone is bumper to bumper. While you might want to reach your destination as quickly as possible, it is good to be nice to other drivers. If you see someone trying to merge into your lane, let the car in. Easing the stress on others will make your fellow drivers behave more safely, which is advantageous for everybody. Additionally, lay off the horn if you can. Consistent loud noises on a freeway are not going to do anyone any favors.
  1. Follow Laws
    You will be a lot more confident you can drive safely if you follow all posted rules. This means abiding by the speed limit. While you might be tempted to speed, especially if you are late getting somewhere, it is better for everyone if you just stick with the limits. This is very important when you are going through traffic lights. Although you may want to speed to get through a yellow, it is too dangerous, and you never know if a car trying to make an unprotected left-hand turn will know what you are trying to do.

Everyone on the road wants to arrive to their destinations safely, without getting too agitated. You probably feel the same way, so do your part and become the better driver you know you can be.